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Apple looks to have anti-trust monitor replaced for 'inappropriate declaration'

Anti-trust cases are ugly affairs, but Apple's ongoing struggles with Michael Bromwich -- its court-appointed anti-trust monitor in the ongoing e-books controversy -- has lead the company to ask he be replaced. As we reported last month, the issues stem from what Apple sees as Bromwich's excessive b...

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European Union closes Apple investigation

I think we can call this one "saved by a policy change." Earlier this month, Apple changed its rules and is now allowing developers to use third-party tools for creating apps for iOS devices. In a statement released this weekend, the EU said it welcomed Apple's changed policies, and that the investi...

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Former US Labor Secretary on antitrust investigation: "Hands off Apple"

If you want a preview of how this nonsensical antitrust investigation against Apple is going to play out, look no farther than Robert Reich, US Secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration. Reich has written in defense of Apple regarding the possibly forthcoming antitrust investigations. He ...

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