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The sticky is up and the Store is down (Update: And back up)

I'm lying alone with my head on the Mac Thinking of Apple 'til it hurts The store is down, so what can we do? Tormented and waiting, We're all out of Store, we're so lost without it, We'll be right, believing for so long... We're all out of Store, what are we with out it? It won't be too l...

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Ballmer reveals some 'slate' PCs, but does not thrill

There was quite a bit of anticipation that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer would upstage Apple with an exciting new tablet design at his CES keynote last night, but it pretty much turned out to be a dud. After more than an hour of bobbing and weaving through several topics, and quickly skipping over Win...

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3.0 firmware release expected at 10am PT/1pm ET, quick Terminal tip to check

Hey, iPhone 3G owners: Please do not download the 2,1 firmware files listed below. They are for the 3G S and will not work on your phone. Read the whole post for details. The correct firmware for the 3G will start with "iPhone1,2" instead. If you were up all night waiting for the new iPhone OS to ...

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