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Chinese media satisfied with Tim Cook's apology

In a letter from CEO Tim Cook, Apple apologized to Chinese consumers and pledged to improve its warranty policies in the Asian country. According to Reuters, the apology has been well-received by China's state-run media. Popular tabloid newspaper, the Global Times, writes this about Apple's a...

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UK judge who upheld order for Apple to apologize now works for Samsung

You may remember a case last year in which the a UK judge overseeing the Samsung vs. Apple case forced the company to post a public apology on its website stating that Samsung did not infringe on Apple's iPad design. FOSS Patents is reporting today that one of the judges who upheld that bizarre...

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Apple uses a little code to help hide its Samsung apology in the UK

After the company's first attempt at its court-ordered apology came off a bit sarcastic -- and angered a UK judge in the process -- Apple has now posted its second attempt at the official statement on its UK website. However, while this new statement appears to have much less snark, the company...

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Tim Cook apologizes to iOS 6 Maps users

The "letter from the CEO" tradition at Apple has continued into the Tim Cook era, as Apple's chief executive has released a letter to customers regarding the ongoing iOS 6 Maps issues. While the challenges and shortcomings of Maps have been obvious to most (with a few notable exceptions), Cook'...

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Netgear CEO apologizes for part of anti-Apple rant

According to Macgasm, Netgear CEO Patrick Lo has clarified his earlier statement about Steve Jobs' ego. On Monday, Lo made reference to Steve Jobs "going away" soon, which most commentators (including us) found to be a fairly unsavory remark given the Apple CEO's health issues. "I deeply regret the ...

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