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Kickfolio puts iOS apps on the web for hands-on interaction

Developers working on iOS applications have had a bit of a dilemma regarding app demos and beta testing. Getting a prerelease or ad-hoc version of an app out to testers' devices can be complicated, expensive or both -- although services like Testflight and Hockeyapp can streamline the process i...

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TUAW TV Live: Apps, unboxing, and the usual cast of characters

Welcome back to TUAW TV Live! Today's show is going to give you a look at some new products; we'll delve into some of my favorite new apps; and we'll also engage in the endless conversation in the chat room. No guests are visiting this week so I can see if Skype is causing some of the streaming...

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Video App Demo: PhotoMind

PhotoMind came about because its creator realized he kept forgetting to deal with the photos he was taking on his iPhone. I've run into this same issue, as it is all too easy to keep snapping away on your iPhone (or iPad, I guess), only to go sync and forget to launch iPhoto (which I avoid like t...

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Video App Demo: Temple Run

Temple Run is an exemplary "pick up and play" game which will take you back to the days of Pitfall or (for you younger cats) Mirror's Edge or Canabalt. Like those running games, your job is to just keep running. But in Temple Run you're running through a maze of pathways in the ruins of an anci...

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Video App Demo: GENWI

We've covered GENWI before, but to recap: GENWI is a cloud-based (read: Web) app creation and management system for businesses. While there are numerous platforms and 3rd party services which will "wrap up" your content into a native app, GENWI does all of this on the web, and it's a pretty com...

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Video App Demo: Submerged

Something tells me kids and college students are going to love this one. Submerged is not a "useful" app like your address book or even a Twitter app -- it is a toy, or novelty app. Submerged takes video from the iPhone and warps it depending upon how you shake or move the iPhone. Silly? Perhaps, ...

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Video App Demo: Checkin+

If you're looking for an app to combine checkins for Foursquare and Facebook Places try Checkin+ from the makers of IM+, a multi-protocol IM tool. Checkin+ will do just that, and adds the ability to see locations in a 2D map or 3D augmented reality view. Checkin+ will also allow you to see fr...

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Video App Demo: InClass

An app for students, InClass aims to be a universal go-to app for high school and college kids. Featuring a calendar, assignments with classes attached, also viewable from the calendar, an in-app notetaking tool with built-in voice recorder, InClass may very well be the right fit for many student...

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Video App Demo: Wasabi

Wasabi is another in a crowded market of "to do" apps, aiming to keep your to do lists handy across iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. There are a number of novel twists keeping Wasabi worth a look for your listmaking needs. The most unique feature are text files which become quicklists, a preset sel...

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Video App Demo - Science360

Today's video app demo is a real treat to see in action. Science360 for iPad aims to make science info cool by presenting it in a very engaging way. Imagine a 360-degree bubble of science information and you were standing in the middle, rotating the interior of the sphere to see beautiful photo...

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Video App Demo: USB Disk

Let's get this understood up front: USB Disk doesn't allow you to use a USB drive on your iPad. Instead, it uses the metaphor of a physical drive to explain its function: it stores files on your iPad. You get files onto USB Disk using Dropbox, email attachments, FTP, Finder (and your local netw...

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Video App Demo: WhitePages

If you're over a certain age and live in the USA you may remember the days when giant books filled with addresses and phone numbers were thrown at your house each year by Ma Bell. Unlike countries elsewhere, such as France, where computers took over the task of finding phone numbers before cell p...

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Video App Demo: BillMinder

BillMinder is a simple app for iOS devices that allows you to enter any number of recurring bills and remind you before they are do. Hence the name "BillMinder," obviously. I use BillMinder to alert me and will say that despite a few limitations it does a great job of reminding me of upcoming bil...

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Video App Demo: Nexercise

Nexercise has the noble aim of getting you more active. To do that, it offers rewards. Not just leaderboards and social rewards, but actual rewards in the form of discounts and things like Amazon gift cards. Sounds cool, doesn't it? We met up with the high-energy and very pleasant CEO of Nexercis...

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Video App Demo: QuakeInfo

If you live in an area where earthquakes happen, or if you just want to track earthquakes around the world, check out QuakeInfo from Atomic Powered. It's a simple thing, really, but a handy way to track earthquakes globally. QuakeInfo uses information from the U.S. Geological Survey to display qu...

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