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How to distribute Kickstarter apps: Ask Apple

Republique is an upcoming iOS title that's made a lot of noise by getting funded on Kickstarter recently, to the tune of half a million dollars, but I've had one nagging question about it: How exactly are they going to distribute the app to all of their backers? The most obvious solution would ...

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Will creativity tools be the "next wave" of iOS apps?

Blogger Erica Ogg over at GigaOM's The Apple Blog brought up an interesting point in a post today, wondering aloud if creativity tools will be the next big wave of iOS apps. There have always been creativity tools, like painting and drawing apps, in the App Store, but Ogg based her comment on t...

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Apps have created 466,000 U.S. jobs in four years

Apps for mobile devices are a surprisingly robust source of jobs in the United States, according to research from TechNet. Since 2008, apps have created 466,000 American jobs. TechNet estimates that about 155,000 of those tech-related jobs are related to app development and tech support, while the...

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Apple announces iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour 2011

iOS developers around the world received a note from Apple today announcing iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour 2011. This event, to be held in nine cities around the globe starting in November, is designed to give iOS developers access to Apple's experts in various aspects of iOS 5. The iOS 5 Tech Ta...

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Bizness Apps makes simple mobile apps for your small business

I'm here at TechCrunch Disrupt checking out the startups and have stumbled upon a few interesting companies. Bizness Apps has been around for a short while (they didn't launch here, as some companies have) that aims to provide a simple, web-based app building system for small businesses. It's n...

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First look: SketchyPad mockup tool for web and app designers

Part of my work involves making mockups of websites for clients, and up until this point the easiest way to do that was just to hand draw some sketches, scan them, send them to the client for rework, etc... Now there's a new iPad app from developer Nick Golovin that promises to make the creation of ...

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New York Times: The race is on for iPad apps

Today's New York Times is reporting on the newest gold rush -- the race to be among the first developers to have apps that are specifically tailored to run on the iPad and tested on a pre-release iPad. Most readers of TUAW know that developers can use the iPad simulator that is part of the iPhone de...

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iPhone dev to make an app in one week -- live on the web

It sounds like the premise for a new reality show -- a developer writes an iPhone app in one week while the world watches. That's exactly what Sahil Lavingia is planning to do starting on Sunday, February 7th. Lavingia is the developer behind Color Stream and the Twizzle Twitter client [iTunes L...

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