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Icons & Coffee's Essence: A set of 600 iOS 7-friendly icons

If you're a developer who enjoys spending time coding more than working on design, you may want to check out a new iOS 7 icon glyph set called Essence. The icon set includes 300 icons covering all categories including productivity, lifestyle, weather and food. In addition to the 300 standard icons...

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Apple files official app icon trademarks

Apple has filed trademark motions on a number of its official app icons, and none of them are new (though the trademarks for the iDisk app and the MobileMe gallery app threw me a bit, not having MobileMe myself). Apple appears to be shoring up its official iPad and iPhone app icon library, and trade...

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iChocolates: Edible apps for you

If you like chocolate, have US$46, and always wanted to eat those app icons on your iPhone, iChocolates are for you. iChocolates consist of twenty pieces of gourmet chocolate, crafted after the icons of iPhone apps and arranged in an iPhone-like package. Each individual chocolate app is made of ...

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