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Daily iPad App: Looptastic HD

Looptastic HD is a remixing application that lets you create new mixes using a catalog of 900 loops. The loops are broken down into individual track components including drums, bass, keys and effects. As with most mixing apps, Looptastic HD uses clips from music genres such as trance, hip hop, ...

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Two apps to help you find a parking spot

A while back in Chicago, a friend and I tried working on a Google maps API site that was sort of a crowd-sourced parking guide -- we'd set up a Google map that could be marked up with where the best free parking was, and then we'd turn it loose on the Internet to get filled in with information. Unfo...

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Family-friendly Zombies on the iPhone

We have a lot of apps coming through our tipline, but this one caught my eye, not only because it is called Zombies (the stumbling undead always catch my eye), but because it offers up a bit of good old-fashioned fun in the form of a Daleks!-style remake. Gameplay is simple and straighforward -- ...

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GeoMaster makes geography fun - yes, really

The French developers at Visuamobile make exceptionally well-designed apps. They sent me a promo code for GeoMaster [iTunes Link], and I wondered aloud how they would make geography attractive, both visually and as a game. Guess what? GeoMaster is pretty fun. If you know absolutely nothing about geo...

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Your iPhone and iPhoto library are in sync with Simplify Photo

Like its music app on the iPhone, which allows you to use your iPhone to tap into your desktop's music collection, Simplify Media provides similar functionality with photos through its Simplify Photo [iTunes link] iPhone app. Many of us are forgetful in some form, and this trait is especially m...

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Regator provides news aggregation for the more blog-minded

Catching up on the happenings around the blogosphere is a difficult task. Luckily, I happened to stumble upon John Burke's Download Squad piece on the release of Regator [iTunes link]. So, if you'd like to get caught up on the latest news, insights and commentary on Rod Blagojevich around the blogo...

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Twitterrific updated to 2.1, adds many new features

The Iconfactory's Twitter for iPhone client app, Twitterrific [iTunes link] , has been updated to 2.1. The new version has added several new features that make it far more useful than before. A few highlights: New "Load More..." button at the bottom of the timeline to retrieve older tweets New...

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CoPilot Live throws a hat in the navigation ring

Well, another day, another iPhone GPS app is released to the eager hordes. One of the latest entries is CoPilot Live [iTunes link]. Note: CoPilot Live is also available in a version for the U.K. at the App Store. The North American version is a US$34.99 full featured nav for your car, bicycle, or ju...

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Holograms: potential and confusion for $1.99

I have been a fan of 3D ever since I found a 3D horror comic book in an old flea market when I was a kid. The anaglyph red/blue glasses made the black and white comic images jump off the page. It really hooked me, and since then I've seen most all of the 3D movies made, ranging from The Creature Fr...

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Camera Genius for iPhone updates and improves

Camera Genius [iTunes link] has updated its photo app to include zoom, compatibility with OS 3 and introduces a new user interface. The app aims to be a kind of one-stop app and does give the user features not available in the built-in camera app. One of the nicest is a timer function. You can even...

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Wolfenstein RPG out now on iPhone and iPod touch

Electronic Arts has released the Wolfenstein RPG for the iPhone and iPod touch -- the game is available on the App Store for $4.99 right now. It's based in the world of Wolfenstein, but it's not your normal first-person shooter. Instead, it's actually a mobile turn-based RPG, adapted from an older ...

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Stitcher 2.0, now with 100% more TUAW

In our discussions of radio apps for the iPhone we've briefly mentioned Stitcher, a great app for accessing a wide variety of audio programs on the go. In fact, Stitcher has been kind enough to add our TUAW Talkcast in the app and on their site (where you can stream via your browser). Stitcher is cu...

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Capsuleer 2.0 for iPhone helps you track EVE Online status

Massively has a good look at an iPhone app that's a must-have for players of the space-based multiplayer EVE Online -- Capsuleer 2.0 isn't an actual client, but like the desktop app EVEMon, it allows you to monitor and track your EVE pilots from outside the game. It's also got skill queues built in ...

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