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iMovie on iPad 2 beats most Macs in benchmarks

Benchmark information from AppAdvice.com If the results of benchmarks run by Tim Chaten at AppAdvice are any indication, anyone looking for a good, fast iMovie workstation for doing editing in the field should take a close look at the app running on an iPad 2. Chaten wanted to see how iMovi...

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Lots of iPad games go on sale this weekend, likely more to come

iOS developers have realized that there will probably be a whole lot of iPad 2 apps sold this weekend (since there will be so many new iPad 2s wandering around), so they've dropped prices on quite a few iPhone apps. AppAdvice has a good list up -- EA's apps are in there, including Mirror's Edge...

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Analysis: U.S. pre-orders for Wi-Fi iPad likely to begin this week

If you're ready to buy that Wi-Fi iPad, then get your credit card out of your wallet and start practicing your fastest clicking and typing techniques. According to a rumor on iPad / iPhone site AppAdvice, a "reliable source" has told them that Apple will begin pre-sales of the Wi-Fi iPad as soon as ...

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BargainBin keeps you on top of app sales

In a perfect world, every iPhone app would be free, fun, and washed in unicorn tears -- but alas, that's not the case (and just as well for the app developers trying to make money on the store). With more than 65,000 applications available, it's hard to tell what's worth the money and what isn't. In...

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