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Appcelerator: iOS still has highest developer interest, Kindle Fire heating up

The latest Appcelerator survey says developers are still most interested in putting together apps for the iOS platform, with 91 percent of them "very interested" in developing for the iPhone, and 88 percent going for the iPad. iOS 5 was also cited by developers surveyed as the most significant ...

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Appcelerator launches app store for app components

Stick with us on this one -- Appcelerator has just launched an App Store, but not for apps. Instead, it's for components for apps, offering designs, templates, extensions, and other tools to app developers, who can then use those to make mobile apps for various other app stores, including Apple...

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Survey: Developer interest in iOS highest and growing

Nielsen may be reporting that Android is growing in desire among consumers, but for developers, iOS is still the platform of choice. A survey by Appcelerator with help from IDC says that developers still favor iOS for making their mobile apps. A full 91 percent of devs surveyed said that they wer...

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