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Apple to appeal court order to publish statement about Samsung

Apple is not planning to simply give in to a UK judge's orders that it should acknowledge on its website that Samsung didn't copy the iPad. Apple plans to appeal the decision, and the motion will be heard in a UK court of appeals. The judge who had issued the ruling in the first place (and sa...

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China higher court hears Apple's iPad appeal

Apple and Proview went head-to-head in a Chinese court this morning. Apple argued in the Higher People's Court of Guangzhou that it owns the right to use the iPad trademark in China. Proview's lawyers argued that Apple bought the trademark from Proview's Taiwan subsidiary, not the one in Shenzhen....

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Apple seeks to broaden HTC import ban

While Apple won a partial victory in December in its patent battles with rival smartphone maker HTC, the scope of the ruling was both fairly tame and narrow enough for HTC to develop a workaround a mere two days after the ruling. According to FOSS Patents, Apple filed an appeal against the Internat...

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Apple receives week-long extension on Aussie Galaxy tab ban

Australia's High Court has decided to extend Apple's temporary injunction against sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 in Australia for a week, reports GigaOM. The delay will give the court time to consider Apple's request for permission to appeal the end of the ban, which was struck down on...

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Samsung appeals Australian Galaxy Tab injunction

On Thursday, Samsung began the appeal process that could overturn an injunction preventing it from selling the Galaxy Tab in Australia. Samsung lawyer Neil Young argued that Justice Annabelle Bennett "made errors of law in her approach" and based her injunction decision on "irrelevant considera...

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Psystar files one more appeal in court

They're like cockroaches! Psystar is back yet again, this time filing yet another appeal against yet another injunction by Apple telling them that they can no longer sell their unauthorized OS X PCs. As previously reported, they've been on Apple's bad legal side for a long time, and the last injunct...

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Court orders Microsoft to stop selling Office 2007 by January 11th

Update: A statement from Microsoft's director of public affairs, Kevin Kutz, clarifies the affected versions. Note that Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac was not cited as an infringing product, so this ruling is not applicable to Mac versions of Office. We have just learned that the Court of Appeals f...

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Dear Barrister TUAW: Psystar, matters of fact, and appellate cases

Dear Auntie Barrister TUAW, I've been following your coverage of the Psystar case and I'm a little confused by the discussion on your last post. I've always thought the original case to be one of fact and an appellate case one of law. This, to me, would mean that in the appellate process they wou...

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