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Steve Jobs reportedly threatened Palm over anti-poaching agreement

Documents released in a civil lawsuit against Apple and other high-profile tech companies claim Steve Jobs threatened to sue Palm if it refused to sign an anti-poaching agreement. Defendants in the lawsuit asked the court to keep these documents sealed, but Judge Lucy Koh denied this request, acc...

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'Retail Significant Stores' video highlights Apple's thoughts on retail

Apple is known for its perfectly positioned and thoughtfully designed retail stores. In an unreleased video spotted by 9to5Mac, former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson and Apple VP of Retail Development, Bob Bridger, talk about Apple's retail store philosophy. The video clip was directed by Pet...

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Apple.com 'start page' lives

For a long time, Apple customers launching the company's Safari web browser for the first time were directed to a "start page" at apple.com/startpage/. It disappeared for a while but oh, look! It's back! AppleInsider noticed that the page is again available after a months-long absence. It provid...

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