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Gene Munster predicts! This time, Apple television coming in 2016

For all the fun we Apple bloggers have with Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster's insistence that Apple's going to come out with some sort of amazing smart TV, you have to hand it to the man for two things. First, his persistence in believing that dream and second, his ability to go public yet ag...

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Apple closes Russian online store due to ruble fluctuations

Apple has stopped selling iPads, iPhones and other products on its Russian website due to the extreme fluctuations in the ruble, reports Bloomberg. Since the start of the week, the Russian currency has lost up to 20 percent of its value, kicking off a deluge of orders on imported electronics and o...

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Apple's iPod antitrust lawsuit hinges on iTunes 7

Apple's iPod antitrust lawsuit wrapped up on Monday afternoon, capping off a week-long trial that has been close to 10 years in the making. Now, the case has been handed off to a jury that will deliberate whether or not Apple chose to keep its iTunes/iPod ecosystem closed off for anti-competitiv...

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Google pretends the iPhone 6 doesn't exist in year-end roundup

If you were looking for further proof that the iPhone 6 is setting a new standard for smartphone popularity the world over, look no further than Google's 2014 search trend wrap-up. In the U.S. and abroad, the iPhone 6 tops virtually every tech search term chart, while the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Nex...

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Apple #22 on Glassdoor's 2015 Best Places to Work list

Recruiting website Glassdoor has published its Employees' Choice Awards for 2015. The awards honor the best places to work in the US and UK, based on ratings by employees. This year, Apple came in 22nd of the top 50 large companies, a marked improvement from 2014 and 2013, where the company came...

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Bose triumphantly returns to Apple Store, Apple pretends like nothing happened

After unceremoniously culling Bose products from Apple Stores around the globe a couple of months back, the popular audio brand has snuck back into Apple's good graces just in time for the last weeks of holiday shopping. Recent reports claim that Apple's retail locations have begun taking shipment...

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Apple and IBM kick off their partnership with suite of new business apps

Apple and IBM today announced the first business-oriented apps built exclusively for the iPhone and iPad. The new IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps are designed from the ground up for businesses, providing a secure operating environment, analytics and integration with core business services for each in...

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Boston ice dancer selected as new plaintiff in iPod class action lawsuit

A 65-year-old amateur ice dancer is the new plaintiff in the class action lawsuit filed against Apple, reports the Wall Street Journal. Barbara Bennet was flown into Oakland California and appeared in U.S. District Court on Tuesday. Following interviews with attorneys for both sides, Judge Yvonne ...

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So it's come to this, Apple?

In olden days, conquering armies would put the bodies or heads of enemies on pikes or town gates or roads to warn the people that revolt would lead to death. It would seem that someone at Apple read a history of these actions and decided to do something similar for apps on the App Store. Marco A...

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Apple to open advanced R&D center in Yokohama, Japan

Apple today announced that it will open a research facility in Yokohama, Japan. The announcement follows a campaign speech by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in which he noted that Apple planned to "conduct the most advanced research and development in Japan." Abe linked Apple's planned in...

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Former Global Operations manager Paul Devine sentenced to one year in prison for selling Apple secrets

Former Apple Global Operations manager Paul Devine was sentenced last week to one year in prison following his guilty plea on charges of money laundering, conspiracy and wire fraud. He also must repay $4.5 million for crimes against his employer Apple. In 2010, Devine was arrested and subsequentl...

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Apple sets its sights on India with plans for 500 new resellers

People in the U.S. and Europe might not be able to walk into a coffee shop without seeing a half dozen iDevices being tapped on, but Apple's gadgets aren't quite as widespread in India. According to Times of India, Apple is hoping to push further into the emerging market by helping to spawn as man...

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Alabama's anti-discrimination bill will bear Tim Cook's name after all

Alabama state Representative Patricia Todd, the state's first openly gay lawmaker, is pushing for a new anti-discrimination bill and will be getting some help from Apple's own Tim Cook. Reuters reports that after some initial back-and-forth on whether it would be to the bill's (and Apple's) benefi...

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Wozniak: Apple's famed garage start is only a myth

If you cherish the idea of Apple being created in a meager garage in suburbia California, then this is not the post for you. Speaking with Bloomberg's Brandon Lisy, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak put a pin in that story when he told Lisy that the garage is nothing but a myth and was not significan...

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Apple turning lighted store logos red for World Aids Day 2014

As reported by Mashable, Apple today changed the color of the Apple logo at its flagship Sydney store from white to red as part of the company's World Aids Day campaign. Due to its timezone, the Sydney store is the first store to modify its logo with similar changes expected at stores in Japan, Eu...

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