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TUAW TV Live: Special Apple Event Episode

This week's going to discombobulate the entire Apple blogging world, since many of our regularly scheduled events are being affected by today's Apple event. Instead of the regular time on Wednesday afternoon, TUAW TV Live has moved to Tuesday to better provide you with fresh, tasty video. Shawn "D...

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Gazelle wants to lock in a price on your old iPhone before September 10 (Updated)

Whenever it's time to roll over a used iPhone, iPad or Mac, I usually head over to Gazelle. They're perhaps the largest "recycler" of used devices, and I've always found their cash offering on the last-generation devices to be pretty good. With Apple expected to announce new iPhones on September 1...

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TUAW poll results: The big announcement

You have spoken: The event was....meh. Of the 3,200 of you who voted in our highly unscientific poll, the majority of you (41%) felt that the new product announcements were "mediocre." A full 25% of you labeled the event a "huge disappointment," 19% said the stuff is "prett...

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