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Apple joins President Obama's 'SupplierPay' initiative

US President Barack Obama has extended the so-called QuickPay initiative to the private sector with "SupplierPay," and Apple (among others) has come on board. SupplierPay requires companies to pay their suppliers within 15 days of receiving an invoice. The thought is that the program keeps these ...

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Apple buys 100 acres for new solar farm

Apple has purchased an additional 100 acres of North Carolina which it will use to add to the solar farm it already operates in the region. The state's Claremont City Council has approved the project, which will cost Apple a reported US$55 million -- that's sofa-cushion change for a company that's...

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Apple SVP of Retail attends Omotesando Apple Store opening

A beautiful new Apple Store opened in Tokyo, Japan on Saturday and the company's new senior vice president of retail Dame Angela Ahrendts was in attendance. Apple announced that the former Burberry CEO would join its team last October, and as far as we've seen, this was her first public appearance...

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Apple PR head Katie Cotton to retire

Re/Code is reporting Apple's long time VP of worldwide corporate communications, Katie Cotton, is retiring after almost 20 years with the company. The departure appears to be amicable as Cotton simply wants to spend more time with her family. During her nearly two decades at Apple, Cotton served ...

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Apple Campus 2 receives final approval

"Go for it." With those words, Cupertino Mayor Orrin Mahoney gave final approval for the construction of a new Apple campus in his city. Apple will receive its full building permits on November 20 and thereby be free to begin stage one of development. Phase one includes the construction of the so...

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Apple to pay quarterly dividend today for AAPL shareholders

AAPL investors take note: Today is the company's payday for AAPL shareholders. By the close of market today, Apple will pay shareholders of record its quarterly dividend of US$3.05 per share. Shareholders must have held the stock no later than Wednesday, November 11 to get this quarter's dividend....

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Japan is a growing market for Apple

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is doing extremely well in Japan. So well, in fact, that Japan is now one of Apple's fastest-growing markets. One factor that has helped boost Apple sales is the company's recent iPhone deal with DoCoMo, Japan's largest mobile carrier. Frustrated with subs...

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Apple to open Arizona manufacturing facility to make sapphire materials

Apple has announced its plans to open a new facility in Arizona to manufacture sapphire materials, according to PocketLint. The Mesa, Ariz., complex will be built and run in partnership with GT Advanced, which is helping Apple manufacture the sapphire. Apple currently uses sapphire in its camera l...

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Apple's Campus 2 will feature a 1,000-seat, all-glass keynote auditorium

Apple Gazette has found out something pretty cool about Apple's Campus 2. In addition to being the future flying saucer-like headquarters of Apple we're all familiar with by now, the campus will actually feature a second, independent building on the grounds entirely dedicated to media and staff ev...

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During the last 4 months, Apple paid out $25 million per day to iOS developers

During yesterday's media event, Tim Cook gave us his typical update on all things App Store. Specifically, Cook informed us that the App Store now houses more than 1 million apps and has seen more than 60 billion downloads. But there's one data point in particular that's worth some extra attention...

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What it's like to work Apple retail on iPhone day

Apple retail stores are typically crowded. On iPhone release day, however, they turn into absolute zoos, with stores packed to the brim and lines often extending out of the store. Now that the iPhone is more than 6 years old, the hysteria surrounding an iPhone launch has subsided a tad. Still, it...

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Ireland aims to close tax loophole Apple has exploited

If the Irish government's plans come together, the tax loophole that Apple, Microsoft, Google and other companies have been using for years will be closed up. Reuters and other news services are reporting that the Irish Government intends to close the loophole, although another will remain. Last Ma...

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Devs can now use all iPhone 5s colors in marketing

Apple has updated its developer guidelines to allow developers to use all colors of the iPhone 5s in product marketing. Previously developers were only officially allowed to use the black iPhone likeness for marking, though many developers ignored this rule and used the white iPhone as well, sugge...

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Apple buying back many shares of AAPL

Last April, Apple announced plans to increase its share repurchasing program from US$10 billion to $60 billion. Apple at the time noted that this represented the "largest single share repurchase authorization in history." While the full buyback program is slated to be finished by the end of 2015, A...

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Apple made £68 million in the UK last year, paid £0 corporation tax

Apple is once again under fire in the UK for paying no taxes last year, even though the company earned £68 million (US$103 million) in the country. Apple got around paying UK taxes by offering employees £40 million worth of stock, which the company could then write off as a business ex...

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