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Overhead view of Apple's event building

There's speculation about just what Apple intends to do with a decent-sized, temporary structure it has erected for its September 9 press event. Here's an overhead photo of the structure taken from a drone. Does anyone else think drones will replace paparazzi within the next 10 years? [Via 9to5]...

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Apple will be live-streaming today's iPad event

It's baaaack. The Apple Events channel has just showed up on Apple TVs, advertising that Apple will be live-streaming the October 2013 Apple Special Event today at 10 AM PT. Now that the Apple Events channel has shown up, you can also expect to be able to view a live-stream of the event in iTunes ...

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Apple holding satellite London event on October 22

As it did with the iPhone event in September, Apple will be holding a satellite event of the upcoming October 22 "We still have a lot to cover" press event it is holding at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, reports 9to5Mac. While the satellite iPhone events took place in Berlin, Tokyo an...

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Apple sends out invites for Chinese media event on September 11

For the first time ever, Apple will be holding a special media event in Beijing, China on September 11, reports Engadget Chinese. The company sent invites to Chinese press early this morning that feature the same artwork as those sent to American press yesterday. The Chinese media event is signif...

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TUAW over-analyzes the Apple event invitation

Shortly after @jdalrymple announced to the world that the invitations for the September 10, 2013 Apple event had been sent out, TUAW Editor-in-Chief Victor Agreda, Jr. noted that @HereIsTrev had tweeted the following message: "Please don't over analyse every last aspect of the apple invite ... oh,...

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Apple announces Sept. 10 special event

The Loop confirms that Apple will hold a special press event at its Cupertino headquarters on September 10, 2013. The festivities will begin at 10:00 AM PT. It's expected that Apple will introduce a new iPhone at the event. The timing is interesting, as the Intel Developer Forum, 360:iDev, Mobile...

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Steve's 'One More Things' all in one video

Steve Jobs' "One More Thing" pronouncements made for some of the most memorable and fun moments of the various Apple events he hosted over the years. Near the end of each show, he would usually pull out a "I've got one more thing to share with you" reveal, and it would always be something not n...

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Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs movie to portray backstage at three Apple Events in real-time

Aaron Sorkin is in the middle of working on his version of a Steve Jobs biopic, and at a meeting called the Hero Summit, he revealed that the screenplay's current form might seem a little strange. The Daily Beast reports that instead of traditionally telling the story of Steve Jobs from the beg...

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iPad 2: The rumor buzz

As Apple's March 2 iPad announcement draws near, the interwebs are alive with rumors. In no particular order, here's the buzz that we're seeing flick across our in-boxes today. Will Apple produce a White iPad? That's what the 9 to 5 Mac blog thinks might happen, based on iPad parts they "acq...

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The Guardian announces subscription-based news app, is rumored Newsstand looming?

AppleInsider reports that, on Thursday, The Guardian announced it will be replacing its current app with an all new version "soon." Although the current version of the app will continue to work (but eventually be discontinued), the new app is to introduce The Guardian's award-winning video, reader c...

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News Corp's iPad-only publication supposedly due Dec. 9

Reuters recently reported that News Corp is working on an iPad-only publication, "The Daily," and today's rumor suggests that it will be introduced at a December 9th (or thereabouts) press event featuring Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs. It's also suspected that this event will see the introduction of...

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TUAWxperts: September event predictions

With the September 2010 Apple media event just days away, here's a quick team round-up of our takes on the likely product introductions. Victor Agreda: I'm betting on an iPod nano with touchscreen (because flicking is the new scrolling), and an iPod touch with a camera and retina screen. As for t...

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Apple releases video of today's event

Update: The video of the keynote announcement is now linked off the front page of Though the video of today's event is not yet on (as of this writing -- though you can find it here), it has been added to Apple's official podcast. Even if you were underwhelmed by today's annou...

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Export Stickies text via Applescript

As you may know, Apple's Stickies isn't directly scriptable via Applescript (technically, you can send a system event). Still, one enterprising soul has discovered a work around, and posted it to Mac OS X Hints. His script creates a new text file, one for each Sticky. Once you've got your text file,...

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