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'Can Apple maintain profitability?' Yes.

Seriously? This is the question of the day? When people are still voicing serious and legitimate concerns about the rest of the economy? We're talking about a company with enough money in the bank to make a Goldman Sachs-sized investment in Facebook if it wanted to, more than triple the amount Dell ...

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Apple Inc. files SEC form 10-K with sales figures

Like every other publicly traded company, Apple Inc. is required to file a form 10-K with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission every three months. These typically contain some interesting bits of information that aren't necessarily revealed in press releases. Apple's most recent 10-K chro...

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Sneak Peek: Apple Investor News

We occasionally report on Apple financial news. However, if you're interested in more than the occasional stock update, then Apple Investor News (AIN) is for you. The site officially launches on Tuesday, May 22, but we got a sneak peek this weekend. They present several feeds, neatly categorized and...

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