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Judge denies request to release video of Steve Jobs deposition

Just one day after Apple emerged victorious in its iPod antitrust lawsuit, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled that there was no overwhelming "public interest" in releasing videotaped deposition testimony of Steve Jobs taken a few months before his passing. Earlier in the month, a trio of news...

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Apple emerges victorious in iPod antitrust lawsuit

Less than 24 hours after closing arguments were presented in Apple's iPod antitrust lawsuit, a jury ruled that Apple did not violate any antitrust laws when it took proactive measures to prevent songs downloaded from competing music services from being playable on the iPod. The jury's verdict...

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As Apple's e-book antitrust appeals process begins, one judge already questioning Judge Cote's ruling

Apple's effort to appeal the adverse judgement handed down by Judge Denise Cote began yesterday before a three-judge panel. As a quick recap, Cote, back in July of 2013, ruled that Apple illegally colluded with book publishers to artificially inflate the price of e-books across the industry. From...

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Former iTunes engineer testifies: iTunes updates were designed to "block 100% of non-iTunes clients"

This past Friday, as part of Apple's ongoing iPod antitrust lawsuit, former Apple engineer Rod Schultz took the stand and testified about Apple's efforts to prevent the iPod from playing music files downloaded from from competing services. The Wall Street journal reports: A former iTunes engi...

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Apple fires back hard at news organizations for demanding to see Steve Jobs depo video

As anticipated, Apple has taken an extremely strong stance against a request from three news organizations to see the release of a videotaped deposition of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The deposition itself was conducted in April of 2011, a few months before Jobs passed. A motion from the news organ...

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News organizations fight to have tape of Steve Jobs video deposition released to the public

During Apple's ongoing iPod antitrust lawsuit, the plaintiffs introduced video testimony from Steve Jobs that was recorded in April 2011, a few months before his passing. Per Apple's request to the plaintiffs, Jobs' video footage has not been made public. Now comes word via CNET that a trio of ne...

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Apple iPod class action trial to continue temporarily without a plaintiff

Apple's iPod class action lawsuit will be allowed to continue without a plaintiff, reports the Associated Press. The suit took an unusual turn this week when all existing plaintiffs were disqualified for not owning an iPod covered by the suit. The last remaining plaintiff, Marianna Rosen, was dis...

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In videotaped deposition, Steve Jobs talks DRM and dealing with record labels

Six months before he passed away, Steve Jobs sat down for a videotaped deposition to answer questions connected to Apple's ongoing iPod antitrust class action lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that Apple improperly enacted measures to render songs downloaded from competing music services unplayable o...

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Apple files motion to dismiss iPod antitrust lawsuit after plaintiffs' stories called into question

The iPod class action suit that went to trial this week may not run its course. As detailed by the New York Times, Apple has called into question whether or not the two named plaintiffs at issue actually purchased iPods during the relevant time period of the case. In a surprising turn on Friday,...

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Eddy Cue testifies: Apple once contemplated licensing its Fairplay DRM to competitors

With Apple's iPod class action lawsuit underway, Apple executive Eddy Cue took to the stand today and testified about Apple's implementation of DRM on iTunes music files back in the mid-2000s. Recall that the current suit alleges that Apple actively took measures to prevent songs purchased from ...

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Old Steve Jobs emails resurface as part of iPod antitrust lawsuit

It's hard to believe that in 2014, we're still talking about the iPod as a monopoly. Hell, it's strange that we're even talking about the iPod at all. But thanks to a slow winding judicial process, a class action suit against Apple stemming from its business practices in the mid-2000s is getting...

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Eddy Cue: Apple didn't settle e-book antitrust lawsuit because "we feel we have to fight for the truth"

Going head to head with the DOJ over antitrust allegations has been nothing short of a headache for Apple. If you recall, Apple was taken to task for allegedly conspiring with publishers to artificially inflate the price of e-books across the board. Though Apple could have settled the issue out of c...

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iPod antitrust lawsuit set to kick off tomorrow

The iPod's glory days are long gone, but plaintiffs certainly have long memories. Add a slow-moving judicial system into the equation and what we have, in a broad sense, is an upcoming anti-trust trial regarding Apple's ancient efforts to restrict music purchased on the iTunes Music Store to the...

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Judge allows class action suit against Apple over disappearing iMessages to proceed

Judge Lucy Koh -- who you might remember from her time officiating Apple and Samsung's patent trials -- ruled on Tuesday that a class action lawsuit against Apple over missing text messages can proceed. The problem at issue arises when iPhone users abandon ship and hop on over to an Android phone...

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Apple set to go to trial in November over FairPlay DRM and iTunes lock-in

The year isn't 2007 so you might be surprised to learn that Apple, in 2014, still has a pending legal class action suit regarding iPods and the FairPlay DRM that used to shroud every song sold on iTunes. The lawsuit dates all the way back to 2004 and alleges that Apple in the mid-2000s illegally ...

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