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Apple Matters interviews Peter Rojas

I have to admit: it's virtually impossible to keep up with our own Peter Rojas of Engadget and Weblogs, Inc. I swear the guy must have ripped off Michael Keaton's idea from Multiplicity to get around the way he does. Hadley Stern at Apple Matters recently snagged some time with Peter to wax poetic a...

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Apple Matters does the math on Think Secret's accuracy

I'll admit to being just as interested in what Apple has up their sleeve as the next guy, but I've always harbored a chip on my shoulder towards the rumor sites. The constant 'anonymous' sources who wind up all too often being as clueless as they are nameless have always irked me, and James R. Stoup...

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Apple Matters interviews David Lanham

I have long been a fan of David Lanham's work, whether it be icons from Iconfactory, or drawings of mice in space suits. Apple Matters had a chance to ask David a few questions about his process, what kind of Mac he uses, and how he got started with art. Head on over and read about this up and comin...

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Apple Matters launches Macitt, Apple-focused social news site

I knew something was up when I noticed my Apple Matters feed turn brown in NetNewsWire (that color means the feed hasn't been updated in over 60 days), and sho 'nuff, I was right. Today Apple Matters launched Macitt, an Apple-centric social news site (or: 'digg clone', if you wanna go that route). ...

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Apple Matters' 9 best widgets

Widget lovers unite! Apple Matters' Aaron Wright has crowned, what he thinks, are the nine best widgets out there. His list includes iStats Pro, iPhoto Mini, digg.com, and six others. I must confess that I am a rather boring Dashboard user, but I do make frequent use of it. My go to widget? Apple's ...

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8 security tips for OS X

No one likes it when I post about Mac security, the proof is in the comments. Will that stop me? Well, if I were afraid of harsh comments I would have stopped blogging here ages ago. No, security is too important to remain silent about. It would seem that I am not the only member of the Mac web that...

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PowerSquid reviewed

This isn't exactly Mac news, but hey we Mac users are known for paying a premium for industrial design, and well need more outlets. The PowerSquid Surge protector seems like the ideal solution, or is it? Gregory Ng, reviewing it for Apple Matters, thinks it is and not just because of its unique look...

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Apple Matters' first look at iWeb

James R. Stoup over at Apple Matters has a first-look review of iWeb that is probably worth checking out if you are curious about the product, but not yet willing to shell out the dough for the new iLife '06. I particularly like the "What iWeb isn't" section: "iWeb is NOT a general purpose website c...

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Apple Matters' This Day in Apple History

Hadley over at Apple Matters pinged me last week to let me know they were doing this, but today it is official: Apple Matters introduces This Day in Apple History. They've set up a whole section of the site to keeping track of what happened when, they put together their own widget with three very co...

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