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Bringing the Remote app shine back to the iPod app

Sachin Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of Posterous, wrote a blog post yesterday calling Apple a "huge start-up." Fair enough description, but what really interested me about the post was Agarwal had some info on one of my favorite iPhone apps – the Apple Remote. The app, if you aren't familiar w...

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Apple Remote coming for iPad

If you ever imagined your new iPad as a super-huge remote, a preference pane in iTunes 9.1 shows that an iPad Remote app is forthcoming. How do you imagine the iPad Remote app advancing beyond its iPhone sibling? [Via MacStories]...

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Hands-on with the new Apple Remote

Like many of the others at TUAW who really wanted to see this remote, I got my new Apple Remote a few days ago, and here are some of my impressions....

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Hippo Remote is a great app, now you can win a copy

I've become very accustomed to remote-controlling my computers for a while, but nothing ever seemed to get it right. Apple's Remote for iTunes is great, of course, but what about all my other stuff on my Mac, like Boxee or VLC? Yeah, you can get some specific remotes for those apps (frankly the VLC ...

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Plex 0.8.3 brings on the Snow Leopard love fest

If you're rocking the Mac mini -- or any other Mac, for that matter --as a media center, then chances are pretty good that you've had some tough times following the upgrade to Snow Leopard. Anticipating such problems, some of us held off upgrading to Mac OS X 10.6. Now the wait is over. Shortly a...

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The hits just keep coming: now there's a new Apple Remote

In the universal scheme of things, it's not a big thing, but it's a welcome update. Apple has announced a new Apple Remote that has aluminum niceness and works with the iPhone, iPods with the Universal Dock, and iMacs introduced since 2005 that have a built-in infrared receiver. According to Appl...

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Apple TV software update adds gesture support via Remote

Apple has quietly pushed out software updates for both the Apple TV and the Remote application for the iPhone and iPod touch. The update, identified as version 2.4 for the Apple TV, and version 1.3 (24) for the Remote app, adds gesture support for controlling Apple TV from your iPhone or iPod. Our ...

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Found Footage: Unboxing goes a wee bit wrong

Vimeo user UnBoxedLunch brings us this hilariously botched unboxing of an Apple Remote. Thankfully, no hospital visits were necessary as a result. As someone who professionally designs packaging, I'll know I've reached the apex of my career when someone destroys a container I've designed, and c...

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Mac 101: Pairing/Unpairing Apple remotes

If you're like me, then you have multiple Macs with IR sensors in the same room. What happens when you push the menu button on your Apple remote? Chances are it will launch Front Row on every Mac in the room. I had this problem until I discovered Apple remote pairing. To pair your remote with a spe...

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NES controller Apple Remote

Here's a neat little hack with some retro gaming chic. A clever modder has basically stuffed the guts of an Apple Remote into an old NES controller sans cable. He's got step-by-step instructions if you want to make your very own very Mario-friendly Front Row / Apple TV controller. Personally, I'd l...

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But, there is one less thing... dealing with Front Row without a remote

The MacBook / MacBook Pro update wasn't "major" but it brought about some changes to the Apple line of notebooks. However, one feature that the new 'books are lacking is the inclusion of an Apple remote. The Apple remote is now a $19 accessory. Currently, the only computers that Apple is includin...

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TUAW Tip: Turn off your remote control infrared receiver

The Apple Remote is a slick little gadget, but Apple made a particular design choice that annoys the bejebus out of me: out of the box, every Mac is set up to work with any Apple Remote. If you have a couple of sleeping MacBooks in your living room like we do when you pick up a remote to watch so...

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yFlicks: the 'iPhoto for your movies' is 40% off at MacZOT today only

Geeze, those MacZOT guys either have strangely coincidental timing, or I need to consider changing the locks on my house. This is either the second or third time that I discovered and thoroughly enjoyed an app, only to find it go on sale at MacZOT the next day (i.e. - I'm buying a license as I ty...

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Apple Remote Cases

Macworld's Mobile Mac blog has a post on cases to keep your Apple Remote safe and sound while on the go. First up is Tuneware's rather bright, red and white leather TuneRemote case with detachable clip ($20). You'll be pleased to know that the "TuneRemote is designed to be suitable for both casual a...

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Apple Remote Tricks

Stephen Korecky has posted a bunch of handy Apple remote tricks over at MacInstruct. His post shows you how to pair your remote with a Mac, how to use the remote to send your Mac into sleep mode, and more. Who knew that holding down the remote's Menu button produced the same disk-switching behavior ...

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