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A look inside New York's temporary Apple Store

Apple's Soho retail store in New York, at 103 Prince Street, has been shut down for some major refurbishment. However, a temporary store just a few minutes walk away has been opened to make sure local customers aren't put out. I say "temporary," but according to some photos published by Racke...

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Apple to close, revamp SoHo Apple store

We knew back in March that Apple had plans to expand and renovate its SoHo store in NYC. Now, we have some more details on the planned changes. According to ifoAppleStore.com, the SoHo store will close in the next three months and will remain closed for an unknown amount of time. It's an exciti...

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Building permits suggest SoHo Apple Store ready for expansion

Apple's New York SoHo store has a long and storied history. It was the first Apple Store to open in New York City and is housed in an old, distinctively-styled Post Office building. It has been visited by Steve Jobs himself and has been the host of several high-profile guest appearances by the ...

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Apple Store SoHo cited as a bad neighbor

Is Apple's oldest NYC retail store causing agita for its well-heeled neighbors in SoHo? AFP and Dow Jones are reporting that the SoHo Alliance, an umbrella community organization, has complained to city officials and Apple execs about a litany of issues with the popular outlet. Crowds outside the st...

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Apple SoHo NYC Store open 24/7 until Christmas

Just as the image above states, The Apple Store SoHo is joining the 5th Ave Apple Store in staying open 24 hours a day until Christmas Day, December 25, 2006. The Fifth Ave store is always open 24/7/365, of course, but the SoHo store generally closes at 7pm, 8pm or 9pm (depending on the day). This ...

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