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30 years of Apple in three minutes

Megan's great roundup of Apple history from the other day wasn't enough nostalgia for you? It should have been -- wow there was a lot of old Apple stuff in there. But just in case your itch for the days of Apple yore isn't yet scratched, here's a great little video compilation of every Apple produc...

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A nice collection of Apple print ads

Here's a great collection of Apple print ads from the past twenty years. What I've found interesting is that trademark aspects of today's Apple machines can be found in these old designs, like fan-free heat dissipation, the tendency to shrink things and ads that show disembodied hands holding their ...

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MacHeads: The movie

Perhaps you've seen the documentary Trekkies. Hosted by the late Tasha Yar (curse you, Armus!), it profiles several of the show's most zealous fans and by that I mean people with serious mental disorders. Did you see what they did to that poor truck? None of us would get so carried away with our App...

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The Ghost of Macworld Past

We had fun talking about our favorite moments from Macworld keynotes during last night's talkcast. From the Big Brother moment in Boston to Steve dropping the S-Bomb in 1997 (twice!). Today, we've compiled the best videos we could find into a single post. Behold the Ghost of Macworld Past, and enjo...

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What to do with 4,000 Newton modems

When the cat's away, the mice will play. The cat being Steve Jobs (absent from Apple in 1996) and the mice a team of Newton developers who found themselves alone with 4,000 modems and a video camera. As you've undoubtedly surmised, they created an impressive domino-type arrangement of the modems i...

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