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Apple issues 4.1.1 update for Apple TV

We've gotten a few reports that Apple has released a minor build update for the new Apple TV. Users aren't reporting any obvious new features or specific performance upgrades with the brand new 4.2.1 4.1.1 update, so it's likely that this latest Apple TV update is just for bug fixes. Not all users a...

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AirVideoEnabler ready for jailbroken iPhones/iPads, streams video to Apple TV

Apple's much-awaited AirPlay service disappointed a lot of users when it shipped without API access for third-party apps -- you can only send video from iOS devices out to the Apple TV from Apple-blessed apps like Video and YouTube. But that hasn't stopped hackers from trying to figure out how to...

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Teaching your Apple TV to use a 3rd party remote

Usually, if you're trying to get a new remote to work with home electronics, you teach the remote to work with your electronic device. You look up the name and brand of your electronic in the remote's manual, plug in the super secret code, and hope it works. It's especially painful if your universa...

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Apple TV hacking update: PhoneView, ping, VNC support

Veni vidi hacki. Just picked up an Apple TV this afternoon at the Cherry Creek Apple Store (shout out to the guys there!) and while I haven't had a long time to play around with it -- hence the brevity of this post -- I have had a few moments of hands-on testing to share with you. Here are the basi...

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Microsoft joins Apple in stance against Blu-ray

Apple has a surprising ally in its campaign of apathy against Sony's Blu-ray disc format. Microsoft, of all companies, has also stepped out with a passive-aggressive stance against the standard, as UK head of Xbox gaming head Steven McGill says that "Blu-ray is going to be passed by as a format." He...

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More murmuring about 99 cent iTunes TV rentals

Well now. The previous rumor about 99 cent rentals for TV episodes on iTunes was just your average, but now that we know there's an Apple event just around the corner, it's time to start making hay out of all the chaff floating around. A source now tells the Wall Street Journal that Apple is pushin...

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Engadget: Apple TV gets apps, new name in iTV

Our friends at Engadget have heard from a trusted source that Apple is indeed remaking the Apple TV, as was previously guessed based on its past trajectory. But the final product may surprise you: it won't have 1080p output, according to Engadget (which refutes earlier rumors), but it will keep that...

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iPhoto update, Bonjour Print Services available for Windows users

Along with the iTunes update, iPhoto '09 users will also see an upgrade to 8.1.2 sitting in their Software Update right now -- namely to fix import and syncing issues with the iPhone, iPod and Apple TV. Canon printer and scanner users will also have the latest software for their products installed. ...

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Apple to make an HDTV within two to four years?

The famous Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray, has another wacky prediction for us: within the next two years, he says, Apple will release a connected HDTV. Unlikely, to say the least -- the thinking around the virtual TUAW offices is that Munster's way off base on this one. Not only is th...

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Pachter: Apple will have a game console soon

Michael Pachter is probably the most visible gaming industry analyst out there -- while he's not always right about his predictions and insight on the video game industry, he does usually know what he's talking about, and he's definitely got the ear of a lot of investors. And so when he says that A...

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Boxee back on Apple TV

Boxee recently released a brand new version of their beta software, but unfortunately, that build didn't happen to work on the Apple TV. That's now been fixed, however, and you can now get the USB flash drive creator app that will give you a patchstick to install the latest version on that Apple box...

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Tim Cook: Yes, we're a "mobile device company"

I caught this back when Steve Jobs said it on stage at the event a few weeks ago, and I was surprised that more people hadn't yet. Jobs called Apple "the largest mobile device company in the world," and I had to do a double-take. Mobile device company? But don't you sell computers? Aren't you the to...

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Patent hints at next generation Apple TV

The USPTO has published seven different patents from Apple today, including one that might be found in the next generation of the Apple TV. The patent allows for a "Remote Control System that can Distinguish Stray Light Sources" -- in other words, a Wii style remote that can pick out a certain type...

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Boxee box specs revealed

This is probably the last time we'll post about the Boxee box, as it's not really an Apple product, but given that it's based on software that lots of Apple TV and Mac mini owners use, and that we've been following its release, I figure we can update you one more time. Over at CES, Boxee has offici...

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Apple updates patent for magic wand remote

Apple has updated a patent that they already held featuring a sort of a Magic Wand -- a remote control for operating a media system by controlling an on-screen cursor. That might sound familiar if you own a Wii -- even the pictures look very similar to the way the Wiimote currently works. And the p...

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