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More evidence of camera flash changes in next iPhone

Earlier we reported on a rumored "iPhone 5" case which suggested that Apple has decided to move the iPhone's camera flash farther away from the camera lens. Now Asian Apple site Apple.pro has posted images comparing the iPhone 4's camera components with purported iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S) camera ...

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Rumored 7th generation iPod nano with camera doesn't seem likely

It's always wise to maintain a degree of skepticism with purported photos of next generation Apple products. First of all, they could be fake; secondly, they could be production samples for form factors that might never see the light of day. We're pretty skeptical about this one. In early Apr...

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More pictures of the rumored white iPhone

Much like Captain Ahab, Taiwanese Apple fan site tw.apple.pro is in pursuit of something elusive and white. They've posted pictures of what they claim to be the 4G iPhone with white casing on the back and front. Last week, the same site posted side-by-side photos of black and white faceplates suppos...

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Rumor of a 15-inch MacBook Air: Take it lightly

On Friday, AppleInsider noted that Apple.pro, a hit-and-miss Chinese rumor blog, claims a 15-inch MacBook Air is on the way. The post in Chinese (and a copy run through Google Translate) is available. The site claims the new Air will use low-voltage Intel Core 2 processors, and will be geared for "t...

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Video of 'aluminum MacBook' surfaces

An often-blurry QuickTime spy video of what appears to be an aluminum MacBook enclosure is available now on apple.pro. (If the video link isn't working, try watching it on YouTube; there are stills available here.) The video is a series of close-up shots, none showing the thickness of the enclosur...

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Apple schedules laptop event for Oct. 14; leaked photos abound

Our sister site Engadget received an invitation for a town-hall event in San Francisco about new Apple notebooks, featuring an image of what could be hinting at possible new aluminum enclosures for 13-inch MacBooks. tw.apple.pro purports to have images of new aluminum cases for the MacBooks. Judgi...

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