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Apple won't sell AppleCare in Italy, updates warranty terms on website

Apple and Italy's Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato (Competition and Market Authority) have been at odds for a while over the AppleCare Protection Plan. The European Union requires sellers to provide a two-year mandatory warranty on products, and fined Apple US$1.2 million...

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AppleCare+ for iPhone covers accidental damage

One good accessory purchase for any iPhone buyer is AppleCare, but now Apple has upped the ante with a new product called AppleCare+ -- they'll now cover accidental damage to your iPhone. AppleCare+ ($US99) must be purchased at the same time that you buy your new iPhone, and covers up to two ...

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New AppleCare packaging - get that same comprehensive care in a sleek new box

TUAW Reader Jett alerted us to another update we overlooked yesterday. Along with the launch of the new MacBook Pro came new AppleCare packaging and a slick, new AppleCare product page. I haven't seen the new box up close yet but it looks like it's styled and sized in line with Apple's recent shrunk...

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