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Apple's 'spaceship' campus might be delayed until 2016

Apple was moving right along on its plans to build a "spaceship"-like campus on the ground in Cupertino by 2015, but according to a new report to the city council, the project has been delayed by at least a year. Apple was hoping to break ground on the new site this year, but the company is sti...

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WSJ: Google nearly ready to submit Maps app to the App Store

The mapping back-and-forth between Apple and Google (or as I like to call it, "the Set-To in Mountain View") appears to be entering a new phase, as the Wall Street Journal reports. Sources tell the paper that Google is almost ready to submit its hypothetical standalone Google Maps application t...

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Nokia announces Here, a new maps service coming to iOS

Apple's already had plenty of maps-related woes, and here comes what might be even more trouble. At an event in San Francisco, Nokia has announced a brand-new maps service called Here, and in addition to releasing across Nokia's usual platforms, the service also has an iOS app that's already be...

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Apple Store may be coming to Masonville Mall in London, Ontario

Attention, Masonville Mall in London, Ontario: You may be getting an Apple Store next year. A local radio station reports that the Eddie Bauer store in that location is closing soon due to bankruptcy, and city records say that the relevant authorities are checking out a $3 million project for t...

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Shazam violates Developer Agreement, blames Jeff Rock

Jeff Rock happened to notice a push notification on his iPhone after installing Shazam. He checked it and it turned out to be an advertisement that had popped up. Since it didn't seem like expected behavior (push notification of an advert?), Jeff tweeted the Shazam folks to ask about it. Instead ...

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Would-be iTunes competitor pending App Store approval

7digital, a UK-based online music store that offered the first DRM-free tracks from the four major music labels, has submitted an iPhone music store app to Apple, which is currently pending approval by Apple. The app, already available on Android and BlackBerry phones (it's the number one music a...

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App Store approval limbo boxes in Briefs

There are plenty of hurdles between a good idea and App Store success; even after your killer app hits the virtual shelves, the challenges of discoverability and competitors sandbagging your app with Astroturfed bad reviews add up to plenty of headaches. Still, once past the biggest stumbling block ...

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Apple's Magic Trackpad approved by FCC

We've seen the Magic Trackpad name before, and we've even gotten a glimpse of what the device might be -- a larger, Bluetooth-enabled multitouch surface designed to bring all of the gestural and multitouch capability found on the iDevices and MacBooks to the desktop itself. Now, Engadget notes that...

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Is Apple giving Opera for iPhone the Google Voice treatment?

When Opera Software submitted their browser to the App Store, there was a flurry of blog posts and speculation as to whether it would be approved or rejected. Fifteen days have passed since then, with neither approval nor rejection being announced. Granted, Apple has been extremely busy with the lau...

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iPad still pending FCC approval, not a problem

A few of our readers have pointed out this interesting little blurb currently found down at the bottom of the iPad's specs page: This device has not yet been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, ...

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Swedish developers vie for Steve Jobs's attention

The App Store approval process has been criticized, in part, for being too slow with approval decisions. Apple's senior vice-president of worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller recently defended the process, saying, "You and your family and friends can download applications from the store, an...

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One step closer, iPhone gets approval in South Korea

It looks like the iPhone is one step closer to being sold in South Korea. Apple has been trying to increase sales of the iPhone in the Asian market and has met some degree of difficulty along the way. After initially showing interest back in December, the South Korean telecommunications regulation b...

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C64 emulator un-approved again

The first thing I thought when I saw that the C64 emulator we posted about the other day still had the BASIC interpreter hidden in it was, "Well that won't last." And unfortunately for fans of software emulation on the iPhone, I was right: the software got pulled from the App Store but quick. You ca...

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Apple approved Gmail app for iPhone. Has hell frozen over?

TechCrunch is reporting today that an iPhone App that utilizes the Apple Push Notification system to let you know you have new Gmail is about to hit the app store. The app, called GPush, is developed by Tiverias Apps, and gives Gmail users an instant notification that new mail has arrived. iPhone us...

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Apple adds queue time, contact info to iPhone developer pages

Small steps: reports from several iPhone developers indicate that Apple has showcased two key features on the Dev Center website that may improve the mood and attitude of anxious app submitters. Feature #1 is a queue status graphic (seen here), letting everyone know how long the approval wait shoul...

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