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TUAW's Daily App: Push Panic

Appular released Push Panic last November, and it got somewhat lost in the midst of big iOS releases. At its core, it's a Tetris-style falling block game, though it has elements of the old Same Game, too. Blocks fall from the top of the screen, and you have to tap and target same-colored blocks to ...

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WWDC 2010: Brian Akaka of Appular

We last talked to Brian Akaka back at the Voices that Matter conference earlier this year, but both he and his company Appular were also at WWDC a little while ago. They've been busy. Hand of Greed, their first published title, has been released in an HTML5 version, allowing anyone with an iPhone...

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Interview with Brian Akaka of Appular and Hand of Greed

Brian Akaka is an old friend of ours here at TUAW -- he is a veteran of Mac gaming, and was a familiar name in our inbox back when he was working at Freeverse and promoting their Mac software and iPhone apps. A little while back, he stepped away from Freeverse to form his own company, Appular, and ...

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