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Taking Your iPhoto '11 to the Max: A power guide to Apple's photo app

iPhoto '11 is an easy Mac app to begin using and play with, but a difficult one to master. In his newest book for Apress, TUAW blogger Michael Grothaus takes his knowledge of iPhoto '11 and presents it in such a way that anyone can learn to use the app, not only for organizing and editing their...

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Talkcast tonight, 7 PM PT/10 PM ET: iPad Books Edition!

Another Sunday, another episode of the TUAW Talkcast! This week we're featuring two of our own: Dave Caolo, who will be talking about his soon to be released iPad book, and Steve Sande will be joining me to talk about the iPad book he wrote along with our own Erica Sadun and Michael Grothaus. Sinc...

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iPad and iPod touch books show off TUAW pride

There's a Yiddish word, naches, that doesn't refer to tortilla chips with kosher sour cream; it translates literally as 'joy' but with a strong connotation of pride and pleasure in the achievements of family or friends. It is, therefore, with substantial naches that we point to the work of several T...

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A quick tutorial on how to read PDF-formatted ebooks in iBooks

When me and my fellow TUAW bloggers Erica Sadun and Mike Grothaus recently had our collaborative effort "Taking Your iPad to the Max" published by Apress in both ebook and printed format, I wanted to make sure that I had a copy of the book on my iPad so I could show friends and prospective buyers ex...

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