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Five apps I love on my iPad, and three that need more work

We've had the iPad available for the better part of a week now; here are a few apps that have risen to the top, along with a few more that have sunk to the bottom. 1. GoodReader. Despite Air Sharing going iPad (I had the iPhone version) and MobileStudio providing a nifty universal binary (so the ap...

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Cool ways to reuse an old Mac

Most Mac users will be among the first to tell you that they can be a little overprotective about their hardware. Of course, Apple has a great recycling program for older computers. But for some, sending off their old Mac that way would be a little like sending off your old faithful car to cash for...

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MyReef 3D Aquarium puts a realistic aquarium in your pocket

I've always thought aquariums as screensavers were a no-brainer. Most are lacking, limiting themselves to small fish you'd find in just about any aquarium, freshwater or salt water. MyReef 3D Aquarium [iTunes Link] isn't going to shake up the genre, but it is certainly the most realistic, smoothest ...

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Found Footage: New & improved TankedCam, now with even more iPhone

Remember Pete's FishCam? Just before Christmas of 2008, we did a short post about Pete Raumann's web app that he developed that allowed him to watch his fish tank, turn the light on and off, and even open and close a treasure chest in the tank. Pete's now presenting the newly renamed TankedCam to t...

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Found Footage: Pete's FishCam

Remember the remote-controlled dog treat dispenser from a few weeks ago? Now Pete Raumann has come up with Pete's FishCam, which comes complete with an iPhone interface so that he can remotely watch his fish swimming around in a nicely appointed aquarium. It's more than just a webcam, though -- Pete...

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Top 10 strangest Mac mods

Behold, ladies and gentlemen: the Top 10 strangest Mac mods at TechBlog. Johnathan Ive's blood would surely boil if he were to feast his eyes on such mutant Mac modifications as the NecroMac of the PowerMac G4 Aquarium! I know we've linked to a few of these in the past as we heard about them, but i...

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