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Tag: architecture

RoomScan creates floor plans automatically

Now here's a clever idea for an app: using the position sensors in your iPhone, the free RoomScan app creates a pretty accurate floor plan (within a foot or so) of any room. When you launch the app you'll see some help screens, and there are links to several videos showing RoomScan in operation. To...

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MyFourWalls is a great Mac app for home interior design and planning

Often during the holidays people begin to think about updating their home, their furniture, or just rearranging. MyFourWalls (U.S. $29.99) for Mac may be just the ticket to help you visualize those changes. The app contains some intuitive tools to set your exterior and interior walls in place, elect...

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Construction continues on Stanford 2 Apple Store, revealing new design

ifoAppleStore published a number of photos today showing construction of the new Stanford 2 Apple Store in northern California. The store uses a new "glass box and floating roof design" that allows passersby to get a great view of the interior of the store. This same design is allegedly being use...

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'Spaceship Campus' architecture firm to revamp Apple retail stores

Marketing Magazine is reporting today that architecture firm Foster + Partners, which is working on the design of Apple's new Cupertino campus, has been hired to create new designs for Apple Stores. Apple's previous architect of choice was 8 Inc, which has been responsible for such iconic App...

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Apple, Steve Jobs win patents for Shanghai Apple Store design

Apple is constantly adding patents to its portfolio of intellectual property, many of which are not directly associated with the design or operation of the consumer electronics products the company makes. Patently Apple reported today on a patent awarded to the company and late founder and CEO ...

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Detailed floor plans of new Cupertino 'spaceship' campus released

The city of Cupertino has made the proposed and revised plans for Apple's massive new "spaceship" campus available to the public. If you've got a thing for blueprints and architectural renderings, check out the link to the proposed floor plans for the campus, a 25-page PDF that details the in...

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Plans reveal huge LA Apple Store expansion

The Santa Monica (California) Planning Commission is considering a proposal tomorrow for what appears to be a new, giant Apple Store for the L.A. area. While the building permit application delivered to the commission and architectural renderings don't specifically mention Apple as a tenant, th...

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Cupertino city council releases 'Mothership' proposal documents

Every building begins as a work of imagination, and one of the challenges architects face when discussing their plans with clients and neighbors is how to share that inner vision effectively and accurately. For Apple's planned 'Mothership' campus expansion in Cupertino, those efforts at conve...

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Apple hoping to open Brooklyn store in Atlantic Yards development

Sure, Apple's Fifth Avenue retail store may be New York City's fifth most-photographed location, but Brooklynites need their Apple fix, too -- and it seems that Apple wants to be sure to take care of them. While not confirmed yet as of this writing, The New York Observer reports that Apple is lookin...

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AutoCAD comes back to the Mac

Autodesk, proprietor of popular 2D/3D design software AutoCAD, is about to bring AutoCAD back to the Mac after a nearly two decade estrangement. AutoCAD is to engineering and architecture design what Photoshop is to photo editing, so this is a Pretty Big Deal. Like many software makers (and users...

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Fifth Ave Apple Store is NYC's fifth most-photographed location

Philip DeWitt at Apple 2.0 is reporting that Apple's Fifth Avenue retail store is now New York City's fifth most-photographed location. The ranking is according to a year-old analysis of 35 million Flickr images by Cornell University students on a university supercomputer. So which four landmarks...

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Apple prepping new prototype retail store in Palo Alto, California?

The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that Apple may be moving its store in downtown Palo Alto, CA to a new, larger space that would be "a new prototype for the company." Planning documents quoted by the newspaper describe a store that has a completely transparent facade at street level and huge in...

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FanGuide self-guided architectural tours for iPhone

Fans of great architecture love to take guided or self-guided tours to learn more about the buildings or homes designed by classic architects like Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Louis Sullivan. Guided tours are usually somewhat expensive and subject to the knowledge and whims of the tour...

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Georgetown Apple Store to move forward after redesign is approved

ifoAppleStore has an update on the battle between Apple and Washington D.C. Advisory Neighborhood Commission: A new design for the Georgetown Apple Store is close to approval, and includes a subtle Apple logo and trees growing inside the building. The ANC's objections, ranging from rejecting an all-...

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ArchiCAD 12: Multi-core architectural powerhouse

I have several consulting clients who are architects, all of whom use ArchiCAD to create stunning designs and manage the process of documentation. They're going to be very happy architects in July, since Graphisoft is providing multi-core support in the upcoming release of ArchiCAD 12. In addition...

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