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Daily Mac App: Keka

Great free archive utilities are pretty hard to come by on the Mac. Keka is the exception. If OS X's built-in compression utility doesn't do enough for you, Keka could be the answer. Keka's been around since 2009, but only recently made it into the Mac App Store. Unlike Growl, Keka is availab...

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Daily Mac App: iZip Archiver

Simple handling of compressed archives is a breeze on a Mac, simply secondary-click and hit "Compress". Likewise opening a zip file is as easy as a double-click. But what happens when you want to get a bit more advanced with your compression archives? That's where something like iZip Archiver s...

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Playboy archives coming to iPad tomorrow

If you've been waiting for those Playboy archives ever since we heard about them in January, the wait is almost over. App Advice says the web app containing all back issues of the famously controversial gentleman's magazine will finally be ready to go on the iPad tomorrow, for a subscription pr...

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Mac 101: Use Archive Utility preferences for control over archives

Most users know that you can easily create .zip files in OS X by selecting a file in Finder and choosing File » Compress "FileNameHere" or by control+clicking the file and choosing the same option from the context menu. You can open .zip (and other archive formats such as gzip, tar, and bzip2...

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Removing .DS_Store files from archives

The marvelous Shaun T. Erickson tipped me off on a sweet way to remove .DS_Store files from your folders before you archive them. Those are the "invisible" files added by Finder on your Mac. He writes that it doesn't matter whether you zip or tar: if they are in the directory tree, they get picked u...

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MailSteward archiving app for just $34.95 at MacZOT today only

After I realized that I needed to find a way to archive and search the healthy amount of email I deal with in Apple Mail these days, I finally decided on MailSteward. There are indeed a number of email archiving options available (and Hawk Wing's list is probably still as good as any), but MailSt...

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