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Watch out for PokerGame trojan

In the wake of the ARDAgent vulnerability discovered yesterday, we all have something new to look out for: OSX.Trojan.PokerStealer is the official name of a trojan horse masquerading as a poker game. The trojan is distributed in a 65K .zip archive. According to security company Intego, running the ...

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SecureMac identifies first ARDAgent-based trojan

SecureMac has identified AppleScript.THT, a trojan-horse type virus of malware that exploits a Apple Remote Desktop Agent vulnerability publicized earlier this week that can "allow a malicious user complete access to the system." The malware is distributed as a compiled AppleScript, named ASthtv05, ...

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ARDAgent setuid allows root access, but there's a sort-of fix

Updates: See the end of the post for current info. We've been getting quite a bit of email since yesterday's anonymous Slashdot posting of a security problem with ARDAgent on Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5, and there's plenty of Twittering going on over the issue. Here's the deal: ARDAgent is the applicati...

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