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Samsung sales injunction won't kick in prior to patent validity check

Stick with us here. A German court has ruled that Samsung will be able to fight to protect the sale of its products before an argument over the actual patent involved in those products is resolved in favor of either company. If that sounds confusing, it's because it is. Usually, in Germany, c...

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Apple, Motorola discuss Xoom in Düsseldorf courtroom

Apple and Motorola finally got to face each other in a German courtroom earlier this week, according to reports from Dow Jones. In this case, they're arguing over Motorola's Xoom tablet, and Apple is saying that it's too similar to the iPad. The judge in the courtroom meeting, however, apparent...

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Macs still cheaper when you look at TCO

With all of the iPhone news lately, some of you may have worried that we're forgetting what got us here: Apple computers, not the other gadgets and doohickeys they sell. But worry not -- we're still Mac-crazy, which is why we'll still link to a Grade A smackdown on the old argument that Macs are mor...

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$1.7 million for Greensboro Apple Store

I'm not exactly sure why there's so much excitement centered around the upcoming Greensboro Apple Store (my guess is it's because our friend Ged of the Iconfactory can't wait for it to open), but the excitement is there, and Ed Cone has some insight into how the store's deal got put together. Appa...

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