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Explore the history of Disney's animated films in the 'Disney Animated' app

If you're a film, animation or Disney junkie, you're going to love the latest app Disney has released for iOS. Disney Animated explores the history and animation of all 53 animated Disney films. The app is a love letter to the company that was so important in the history of animation. Users can e...

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Daily iPad App: Monster Coloring Book

Monster Coloring Book is so adorable that I had a hard time putting it down long enough to write a review. It's an iPad coloring book that has a series of monsters you can "color" using your finger as a brush or tapping to fill an area. If you find that the iMarker/Crayola ColorStudio HD comb...

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TUAW's Daily iPad app: NPR 2.0

NPR has rolled out a rather hefty update to its venerable and well-liked iPad app. As before, the app is kind of a digital magazine that mirrors the content mix on NPR, with world and U.S. news, the arts and music features. The iPad app is more fully featured than the NPR app for the iPhone, wh...

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Happy Mac cross stitch

TUAW reader Benjamin White sends in this photo of a cross stitch project he recently crafted. After weighing the merits of OS X and OS 9 art, he decided to go with the OS 9 Happy Mac startup face. The project is about 2-by-3-inches in real life and came out beautifully. White thinks he should have l...

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