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Sims 4 hasn't made a home on OS X, and I'm OK with that

Today's big release of Sims 4 was not celebrated by OS X devotees thanks to EA's decision to make the game a Windows-only affair, at least for the time being. An FAQ posted on the Sims 4 website makes the potential future of a Mac edition unclear, noting only that there are "no updates on Mac at t...

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Titanfall developer wants to see game on OS X

Titanfall -- a first-person shooter from a team comprised of many former Call of Duty development veterans -- debuted this week for Windows and Xbox One. It's a massively popular game that has a good chance of becoming a franchise in short order, and according Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampe...

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Aspyr dropping game support for Snow Leopard

When OS X 10.9 launches this fall, Aspyr will begin dropping support for its games running on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, the company announced in a blog post this weekend. Aspyr notes that all future releases of its games, as well as any patches and updates for existing titles, won't be supported on ...

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BioShock Infinite is the Mac game of the year

BioShock Infinite, one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time, has come to the Mac via the Mac App Store. Originally released for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in March, its mix of jaw-dropping graphics, first-person shooter action, story and social commentary regarding racism, American e...

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BioShock Infinite coming to the Mac later this month

BioShock Infinite will be available on Mac as of August 29th, some five months after it was first released on PC and consoles. That may sound like a long time for Mac gamers to wait, but that's much better than the more than two years after the official release date it took for BioShock 2 to arriv...

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Aspyr brings the Bioware classic Knights of the Old Republic to iPad

When I spoke with them at Macworld | iWorld earlier this year, Aspyr Media (a company that has brought a lot of games to the Mac platform) promised some interesting "catalog Mac experiences" would be released on iOS, and they've outdone themselves with the first title. Bioware's classic Knight...

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Aspyr bringing latest Civ 5 expansion to the Mac same day as PC

Firaxis has announced a brand-new expansion pack for Civilization 5, called Brave New World. The expansion, coming later on this summer, will add new civs, units, buildings and wonders to the game, along with the ability to create trade routes that circle the world, and ideologies that can be u...

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Aspyr Media charges on in the wild world of Mac gaming

I've been vocal for many, many years now about Aspyr and their like, and exactly how I feel about them. I'm a big fan of gaming, of course, and a big fan of Apple and the Mac. And Aspyr sits right at the intersection of those two worlds: They're a company, based in Austin with about 50 employee...

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Mac Game of the Week: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Odds are that you may have played Knights of the Old Republic once before, but even if so, you may want to pick it up and go through it again anyway. These days, it's a classic, but back when we first heard Bioware (the company behind legendary RPGs like Baldur's Gate) was going to try and make...

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Borderlands 2 now available on Mac

Odds are that you're seeing Borderlands 2 on sale all over the Internet today, as Black Friday goes down (and we head towards Cyber Monday next week). But we did want to let you know that just in case you were waiting for a Mac version, the wait ended last week. Aspyr has released the Mac port ...

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Call of Duty: Black Ops to invade Macs on Sep. 27

Get ready, Call of Duty fans. Aspyr Media has announced that Call of Duty: Black Ops will be available for Macs as of September 27. The hugely popular first-person military shooter has been available for Windows machines and consoles since 2010. Later this month it will debut in the Mac App Stor...

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TUAW Giveaway: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for Mac

One thing I love about the Mac App Store is that, game-wise, it eliminates the need to insert physical media into your Mac to play games. Over the past few days I've been playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on my MacBook Pro, and without the need for a disc, the game just flies, which helps ...

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Aspyr launches GameAgent online store

Mac games publisher Aspyr has thrown the switch on their online game store GameAgent. Somewhat similar to Valve's Steam, GameAgent allows buying and downloading games for your Mac. They seem to be starting slow with only Call of Duty 4 ($54.99) and a trivia / SAT prep game called futureU ($39.99) av...

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Rock out at the Apple Store with Guitar Hero III

Macworld is reporting that Aspyr is planning to hold Guitar Hero III tournaments at various Apple retail stores around the country. It looks like they'll be awarding iTunes gift cards to the winners, but surely that pales in comparison to the chance to become not just a Guitar Hero, but a Mac Guitar...

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Will Wright: Mac users will love Spore

Well, who won't, right? If you haven't read a single gaming blog this week (you serious worker bee, you), then you may not have heard the big news: Will Wright's rumored-to-be-a-masterpiece Spore has gotten a release date. It's hitting stores (for both PC and Mac simultaneously-- now that's what I l...

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