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Foxconn automates workforce prior to US expansion

Foxconn spokesperson Louis Woo told The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) that Foxconn will automate its assembly factories with "the best robots in the business" as a supplement to human labor. During a recent shareholders meeting, Foxconn CEO Terry Gou noted that automated workers will...

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WSJ: iPad mini assembly has begun

A report from the Wall Street Journal suggests Asian suppliers have started mass production of components for the iPad Mini. Cited in the WSJ report are LG Display and AU Optronics, both of which are supposedly mass-producing 7.85-inch displays for the rumored tablet device. According to the ...

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Foxconn iPhone factory faces new labor issues

Electronics manufacturer Foxconn has come under fire again, specifically in the Chinese factory that assembles Apple's iPhones. The New York Times reports that the company has been accused of "compelling" students to work at its assembly plant, a charge that Foxconn denies. Foxconn claims tha...

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Report: Apple adjusts sources for iPhone 4G components

DigiTimes is reporting that a number of manufactures in China will receive orders for components that will eventually become 4G iPhones. Previously, TPK Touch Solution and Wintek have produced touch displays for Apple. Its being said that they'll produce iPhone 4G panels as well, with the addition o...

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CA lawmakers want to tax iTunes downloads

The California Assembly, apparently facing an $8 billion deficit, has introduced a bill that would apply sales taxes to "media downloads," namely the music sales going through iTunes (which, as we've reported, is challenging even retailer giant Walmart for music sales numbers). But it seems as thoug...

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Flickr Find: Mac factory circa 1984

Check out this great shot posted by Flickr user wackymac. Apparently it depicts a Mac assembly line from 1984. He writes: "This is a photo of the original Macintosh factory in Fremont, California. It was the first of its kind for the computer industry, featuring advanced automated technology w...

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