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Tag: assistive technology

ReSound LiNX launches "Made for iPhone" hearing aid

Thanks to a love of loud music, my father wears a hearing aid. For similar reasons, I'm probably going to eventually need a hearing aid. While hearing aid technology has improved every year since they were first introduced in 1898, hearing aids can still be incredibly uncomfortable to use with cel...

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Blind iPhone owners may get People Finder app

It's easy for two people to meet up at the mall. They just arrive at the appointed time and look for each other. This simple task is not so easy for blind people, who could be right around the corner from each other and not realize it. According to the BBC, this is a problem that Mike May from Sen...

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New pererro device for iOS offers switch access to the disabled

UK-based RSLSteeper makes assistive technology for use in the classroom and at home, for all age groups and a wide variety of needs. It has recently released the "pererro," which provides switch access to iOS devices for those with fine- and gross-motor control issues. At 30 × 28 ×...

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Backlit e-readers such as iPad help those with vision loss

A study presented on Sunday at the 116th annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology says that tablets with backlit screens, such as the iPad and Kindle Paperwhite, help patients with vision problems due to eye diseases to read quickly and comfortably. In particular, the study poi...

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Research: iPod touch benefits workers with autism

We often hear about iOS devices being used in schools and in the workplace, but a recent study from researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University shows how the device can be beneficial for those struggling with autism. The study was recently published in the the Journal of Vocational Rehabili...

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Apple enables 'Assistive Touch' features on iPad in latest iOS 5 beta

Apple has enabled a very cool feature for iPad users in the latest beta of iOS 5. "Assistive Touch" allows users to perform gestures and button actions on the iPad with one touch. Users can call up the Assistive Touch menu by tapping a designated corner of the iPad's screen. The menu itself is ...

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Macworld 2011: Expressive helps the speech impaired learn and communicate

Speech therapist Barbrara Fernandez founded Smarty-Ears apps last January and has since created over 15 apps for the field. I spoke to her about Expressive (US$29.95) an augmentative-alternative communication (AAC) app that at first seems similar to the much more expensive Proloquo2Go, but it serves...

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Rep. Giffords' recovery includes the iPad

As reported by Reuters earlier today, the ongoing recovery and rehabilitation of wounded Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords has progressed very well since the tragic and deadly assault at her event 12 days ago. Dr. Michael Lemole, the chief of neurology at Tucson's University Medical Center, n...

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iPads bring accessibility to the disabled at a far lower cost

It's only been half a year since its introduction, but the iPad has already become a major player in the field of assistive technology, helping disabled people communicate. A number of studies are underway (and many more are in the planning stages) to offer much-needed data on the effectiveness of t...

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Proloquo2Go gets a major update

Proloquo2Go (US$189.99) is the most fully featured augmentative and alternative communication device (AAC) we've yet covered. It provides iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad owners who do not have the ability to speak well enough to be understood (and that number is estimated to be 2.5 million Americans ...

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Helping autistic children with iOS devices

Autism is a developmental brain disorder that, in some manner, plagues one out of every 110 children (according to the Centers for Disease Control). It's usually discovered by the time the child is three years old. Varying medical and scientific authorities characterize the condition in differe...

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Digit-Eyes identfies everything for the blind without breaking the bank

The Digit-Eyes Audio Scanner and Labeler (US$29.95) from Digital Miracles is a remarkable Assistive Technology (AT) app for the iPhone and iPod touch geared to the blind and visually impaired community. What it does is fairly straightforward once you get the big idea, but the implications of its use...

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The iPad could be the best mobile accessibility device on the market

In 1995 Dr. Norman Coombs, a blind professor of history at the Rochester Institute of Technology and chairman of EASI: Equal Access to Software and Information wrote that the rapid adoption of a graphical user interface (GUI) would close the door on computing for the visually impaired. This was in l...

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Proloquo2Go: Assistive communication for the iPhone and iPod touch

Proloquo2Go [iTunes Link] is not your usual iPhone/iPod touch app. It turns the mobile device into a full augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device. According to the AAC Institute, an estimated 2.5 million Americans are speech disabled to the extent that they experience significant dif...

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