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It's alive: Intel Atom support returns to 10.6.2

The day that Apple killed Atom support with the release of 10.6.2 was a sad one for many in the hackintosh community. Just as many expected, however, Atom support has returned; and no, Apple had nothing to do with it. InsanelyMac forum member teateam has developed a replacement kernel for installat...

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Confirmed: 10.6.2 removes Atom CPU support from Snow Leopard

A report by "stellarola" quoted in OSNews confirms what comments on our 10.6.2 post suggested: 10.6.2 removes support for Atom processors, most frequently found in "netbook" computers. This loss of Atom support was spotted in earlier builds, but nobody knew until now whether it'd be in or out in the...

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Leopard running on an Atom Processor

Using PC_efi technology (a means to run OS X on a PC without kernel modification), an anonymous source for has managed to run and benchmark Leopard on an Atom chip, which is rumored (and denied) to be headed for Mac. The Atom Processor would certainly make a good candidate for a mini-tabl...

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Atom-powered Mini-tablet Confirmed By Intel Germany CEO?

Was it a slip of the tongue? reports that Intel Germany CEO Hannes Schwaderer, speaking at an Intel 40th anniversary event at Munich's BMW World, confirmed that there is an iPhone that will be using Intel's new Atom processor. The new device is "slightly larger" than the current iPhone, rai...

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Vienna 2.2 is available

Just eight weeks after the teaser announcement, Vienna 2.2 has been released. I have been happily using Vienna for months. It's a light and simple RSS reader that's free and open. What more do you need? How about (new to version 2.2): Snappier performance Major UI improvements (no more brushed...

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Shrook now free

Shrook, a full featured RSS reader for OS X, is now freeware according to Shrook developer Graham Parks. In an email to TUAW he assures us that development of Shrook will continue, the only thing that has changed is the price. Why the sudden change to freeware? To quote Graham, 'to piss off Brent S...

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NewsMac Pro 1.2.3 is awesome, NNW beware

As you might remember, NewsMac Pro 1.2 brought some nice enhancements when it landed last November. Even though this latest version is just a .0.3 update, I think this app is finally maturing into a serious reader, and I also hope the NetNewsWire people are paying attention to what Rory Prior is do...

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Your RSS subscriptions in your menu bar

Here's a handy tool. RSS Menu by e dot studios lets you keep track of all of our RSS subscriptions right in the Finder's menu bar. Simply add your favorite feeds via the preferences menu and you're off. You can create groups, insert spacers, display the number of unread messages awaiting your eyes a...

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