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Mail attachment reminder saves embarassment

I've done it again -- sent an email that mentions an attachment, and then forgot to attach the file. It's always embarassing. Here's a way to save yourself from similar humiliation. Download this free Attachment Scanner plugin for Mail.app, and install it following the directions on the developer's...

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Review: iWeb's enhancements are exactly what it needed

In the most recent iLife '06 software update that Damien mentioned, iWeb understandably received the largest bump of new features and bug fixes; after all, it is the latest to arrive at the iLife party. Considering that I've been pretty vocal about my gripes with this otherwise fantastic addition to...

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Wireless iPod transceiver coming from Apple and Jabra

Rumors of the iPod going bluetooth have been flying around for at least a year or two now, and it sounds like there is finally some truth to them. Sort of. While Apple isn't building bluetooth into the iPod itself, iLounge picked up on a Chinese Times report that Apple has green-lighted Jabra to de...

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