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Working Apple I motherboard, vintage flag on auction

It's been a good week for Apple collectors. First two prototype iPhones show up on auction sites, and now a working Apple I motherboard and a vintage flag from the company's European headquarters are up on auction. British auction house Bonhams will put the board and the flag on the block as p...

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Original Apple rainbow signs from old Apple HQ for sale

You might think you're a true Apple fan, but one lucky bidder is definitely going to have you beat in June. That's when bidding will take place for Apple's original rainbow logo signs that once graced the company's Cupertino headquarters, with bidding expected to reach north of US$15,000. As the ...

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Lunch with Tim Cook up for auction

Have a couple of hundred grand burning a hole in your pocket? Want to ask Tim Cook some burning questions about the iWatch or Apple HDTV? Now's your chance! CharityBuzz and The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights announced the 8th Annual RFK Center Spring Online Auction, with lun...

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Document signed by Steve Jobs, Robert Friedland earns $40K at auction

There's something new that you can add to the list of ridiculously priced Apple-themed items that you didn't win at auction: a 1978 legal agreement between Steve Jobs and Robert Friedland, creating a business partnership. The agreement, bearing the signatures of both men, sold for US$40,000 to Tri...

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Working Apple 1 fails to get a single bid at auction

By now we're all fairly used to hearing about the record-breaking prices original Apple 1 computers are selling for at auction. However, over the weekend, a working Apple 1 computer from a group of the first 50 that were made went up on the block in Germany, and not only did it fail to sell -- it ...

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Jony Ive creates solid gold EarPods for charity auction

At an upcoming Sotheby's auction, folks will be able to bid on a pair of solid gold 18k EarPods designed by Apple design guru Jony Ive and industrial designer Marc Newson. In addition to golden EarPods, there will be a number of other items up for auction, all curated by Ive and Newson. "It's been...

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Rare Apple I sold for $387,750 in online Christie's auction

Late last month, Christie's kicked off an auction for a rare Apple I computer with its original manual, schematics and a photo of the two Steves. The online-only auction ended today at a lower-than-expected US$387,750, according to a press release from Christie's. Pre-auction estimates suggested t...

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Rare Apple I to be auctioned off by Christie's

Once again, a rare Apple I will be up on the auction block. According to a report from the AP, a 1976 Apple I will be up for grabs at Christie's auction house where the bidding will begin at US$300,000. It's estimated that the iconic computer may end up going for $500,000 by the time bidding clo...

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Apple 1 sells for $671,400 at auction

A few weeks ago, we reported on an impending auction involving one of six known working Apple 1 computers. The New York Times is now reporting that the auction has officially closed with the winning bid checking in at an astounding $671,400. The winning bid set a new record for the Apple 1, eclips...

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Coffee with Tim Cook auction closes at $610,000

The CharityBuzz auction for coffee with Tim Cook closed at US$610,000 yesterday. The high bidder will meet Tim Cook on a mutually agreed-upon date for 30 to 60 minutes. On the last day of the auction the high bid sat at $605,000, but in the last 30 minutes someone who had not placed a bid before c...

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'Coffee with Tim Cook' auction ends Tuesday afternoon, current bid is $605,000

A few weeks ago we reported on an online auction where the winner will have a unique opportunity to sit down for coffee with Tim Cook over at Apple's headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop. Since the auction began about three weeks ago, the bids reached unprecedented levels rather quickly. As it stands ...

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Rare Apple-1 hits the auction block

There are only six known working Apple-1 computers in the world, and one of these units will go on sale later this month. According to a report in Computerworld, German auction house Breker will be auctioning off the machine that was owned by Fred Hatfield. The Apple-1 includes the original manua...

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Bidding for coffee with Tim Cook breaks $550,000

Two days ago, we reported on a Charitybuzz auction which was auctioning off coffee with Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple's headquarters. Since the "item" first became available for bidding, the price to sit down with the Apple CEO has continued to rise to incredibly high levels. At the time of thi...

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Rare Apple I to be sold at auction

Another piece of Apple history is headed to the auction block later this year. According to a report in Computer World, an original Apple I computer will be offered at a Christie's auction that will be held October 9 in London, England. The Apple I belonged to former Apple employee Joe Copson, ...

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Judge denies Apple's bid to move Kodak suit to new court

Apple has suffered another setback in its attempts to stop the bankrupt Kodak from auctioning off a series of patents. After Apple's previous attempt to stop the auction wholesale failed, the company appealed to try to move the case from bankruptcy court to a local district court, which Apple...

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