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Audi announces CarPlay for 2015

2015 looks like it may be a great year for smartphone integration in cars. On the heels of yesterday's announcements from Hyundai, Honda, and Volvo, German automaker Audi announced plans to support both Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto. In a public statement, Audi board member of Technic...

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Audi releases interactive augmented reality manual for drivers

If you aren't an auto-savvy person in general, learning what all the switches and lights do in your new car can be a bit overwhelming. Not to mention what happens under the hood. But a company called Metaio has worked in conjunction with Audi to release Audi eKurzinfo, a new augmented reality app ...

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iMac design vs. Audi

We've already seen the iPhone's influence on the new iMac, but the Audi? A British ConceptCar site claims the aluminum and glass casing of the new iMac reminded them of another chrome, aluminum and glass design-- that of an Audi. As you can see in the picture above, the comparison kind of works. K...

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iPhone photo leak? No, just a calculator that looks like an iPod.

Confirmed -- It isn't a phone. Reader "Space Taker" pointed us to fourtitude.com's gallery of images from a recent Audi advertising shoot rife with Apple gear (iPod, MacBook Pro, Cinema Display) and noted an interesting object sitting in the desktop paper tray. With only 41 hours until showtime, why...

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iTunes Users Prefer VW and Audi Over Other Car Brands

In keeping with our poll theme today, a Nielsen/NetRatings survey found that users of iTunes and the iTMS are more likely to buy VW's or Audi's. Maybe this shouldn't be much of a shock seeing as both of those brands are set up for iPod integration. My favorite quotable from the post about this poll ...

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