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Audience Inc says Apple unlikely to use its audio tech in iPhones

Audience is a US-based company that makes voice and audio processors for mobile products. In the past, Apple used Audience's audio technology in the iPhone, but that may change with the next iPhone model, says a report in Reuters. Audience's CEO Peter Santos told Reuters in an email interview...

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Noise Free Wireless creating a lot of noise over alleged Apple infringement

When you're the big target, it seems like everyone is shooting at you. Apple is now being sued by a Silicon Valley company by the name of Noise Free Wireless over alleged infringement of a patent for mobile phone noise-reduction technology. Noise Free Wireless says that the company first show...

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Big Fish Games scores a hit with Fairway Solitaire

My meeting with Big Fish Games' Patrick Wylie was one of my last meetings at GDC, but it was also one of my most satisfying. It turns out I'm not alone in my esteem for the great Fairway Solitaire app this company has put together; "This game is growing our audience," Wylie told me. That's quite a...

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iPhone 4 noise cancellation chip demoed with comparison video

Last summer, when the folks at iFixit first did a tear down of the iPhone 4, one of the interesting tidbits they revealed was that the iPhone 4 has two mics (which is more than most other cell phones), and that it has a white-labelled (manufacturers details removed upon request from Apple) nois...

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Report: 40% of App Store game downloads are freemium

Xyologic is a company that analyzes mobile app sales and trends, and its latest report says that a full 40 percent of game downloads from Apple's App Store consist of freemium titles -- games that are free to download, but make money with ads or in-app purchases. Ngmoco made a big splash a whil...

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Pitchfork gets a custom iPod touch page-topper ad

Apple has developed a custom ad for indie music review site Pitchfork. You can go over and see it right now in any WebKit-based browser (so Safari or Chrome) -- an iPod touch pops up in front of the menu bars, and everything gets swept away in the games being played. This ad is notable for a few...

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Steam releases Mac stats, share drops to 5%

Steam has released its latest hardware survey results, and there's both good and bad news for us Mac gamers. The bad news first: Mac usage of the gaming service has apparently leveled off since the big debut a few months ago, and while the Mac share was originally around 8%, it appears the novelty ...

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Archetype nets 160,000 players in first week, promises updates and features soon

We posted about Archetype the other day -- it's an impressively solid multiplayer first-person shooter for the iPhone that brings some hardcore gameplay to Apple's touchscreen platform. And apparently there are a lot of hardcore players out there -- in just one week of release, Archetype has picked ...

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iPhone users come in all ages but probably live near a big city

The end of this week has brought a little flurry of information about the differences between iPhone and Android users. First up, Admob has released the results of a survey that says the iPhone is twice as popular as comparable smartphones in both young and old demographics. Unfortunately, we can o...

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Four out of ten IT professionals would buy a tablet, but would you?

Macworld is reporting that their partner Network World recently did a poll and came up with the figure of four out of ten Network World readers willing to buy a tablet on day one sight unseen. That's an interesting result (and it's not the only one seen along those lines), but I want to know what...

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Podcast audience growth

Remember when podcasts were modest audio files created and distributed by a handful of enterprising geeks? My, how times have changed. I still find it odd when I'm listening to a show on NPR or watching ESPN and I hear the announcer say, "You can hear more on our podcast." It's surreal. Re...

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