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Audiobooks are not backed up by iCloud, can only be downloaded once

Audiobooks, unlike your other iTunes purchases, cannot be re-downloaded from the store. On a Mac, you can dig into your iTunes folder and move the DRM-protected files to another authorized machine. iOS devices, however, lack a file system that the user can access, so if you never sync with a Ma...

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myFry: Stephen Fry's second autobiography becomes an interactive app

I've been following actor, all around wit, and Apple enthusiast Stephen Fry's career since I saw him play the wonderfully droll and brilliant butler, Jeeves in the English TV series Jeeves and Wooster back in the early 90's. Hugh Laurie, probably better known as Dr. House, played Bertie Wooster o...

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You Can't Always Get What You Want: Great book, lousy app

You Can't Always Get What You Want (US$4.99 until the end of August, to celebrate Jerry Garcia's birthday), is one of the best Rock and Roll books I've ever read. It is written and read by Sam Cutler, the tour manager of the Rolling Stones and later the Grateful Dead in the late 60's and early 70's....

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The Bookmark App: Audiobooks finally done right

The Bookmark app [iTunes Link] has solved a number of problems I've always suffered while listening to audiobooks on an iPhone. It isn't pefect yet, but what is currently in the app store is the best implementation of digital audiobook listening I've found. It's earned a place on my home page and t...

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Inside iPhone 3.0: Enhanced controls for podcast & audiobook playback

It's on the master list of 3.0 features, but we've been sent enough tips and suggestions about it to conclude that the advanced podcast/audiobook controls came as a pleasant surprise for lots of iPhone and iPod touch owners who upgraded. In the 3.0 version, from the playback display for a podcast, ...

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Turn audiobooks into Audiobooks

Playlist Magazine has a nice little tutorial for converting audiobooks you obtain from somewhere other than or the iTS into iTunes recognized Audiobooks. For instance if you rip an audiobook CD, or download free audiobooks from any of a number of sites, you can convert them so that they ...

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John Hodgman's (aka PC) Areas of My Expertise Free on iTS

As many people have observed already, if there's one problem with the Get A Mac campaign, it's that PC (John Hodgman) often comes off as more likable than Mac (Justin Long). Mr. Hodgman is a talented comedian, appearing often on Comedy Central and This American Life. Well now Apple and h...

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PodcastConverter Automator action: automatically turn your podcasts into audiobooks

The other day, I said that slowing down podcasts sounded like a great job for automator. TUAW reader Dave agreed, and sent us a link to his PodastConverter (jpg) Automator action. Dave takes the long way around and follows the conventional wisdom of turning the podcasts into audiobooks rather than ...

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