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Ultimate Ears Pro 7 Custom in-ear monitors for pro musicians and audiophiles

Ultimate Ears (UE) have been making waves with the UE Boom portable Bluetooth speaker. I recently reviewed it and would hands-down say it's the best truly portable Bluetooth speaker I've used. It's an all-round fantastic package. But Ultimate Ears has, for a long time, been renowned for its pro, hig...

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Improve your Mac audio with the Audioengine D3 DAC

Audioengine recently released a premium 24-bit DAC (digital to analog converter) that lets you bypass your Mac headphone jack and send the audio through a USB port. The result is an audible and sometimes dramatic improvement in music quality. The D3 is US$189.00, a very reasonable price as high-qual...

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V-MODA VAMP makes the case for audiophiles with money to burn

Audiophiles who are less than thrilled with the sound that they get from their iPhone 4 or 4S now have a new companion accessory that is bound to make a difference in the quality of their listening experience. The US$650 V-MODA VAMP, available today from V-MODA.com and Amazon.com, is a rather d...

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playGo USB hands-on: Like AirTunes, only better

Right now, if you want to pump music on your Mac or PC to some nice speakers or a stereo in your house, you have a few options. With iTunes, you can always use AirTunes to wirelessly connect your laptop or desktop machine to an AppleTV or an Airport Express Wi-Fi base station that's connected t...

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Sound Sofa is a sofa with an iPod dock

If you want to use your iPod in the living room for ambient sound, but abhor the look of a black, plastic dock, then you should check out the Sound Sofa by CSL. The Sound Sofa is a sectional sofa that houses a built-in audio system with an iPod dock. You can pick among different combinations of...

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Red Wine iMod: audiophile iPod mod

Audiophiles are a picky bunch and willing to pay out the nose for the privilege of (perceived) improvements in audio quality. Audio Junkies has the story that Red Wine, a purveyor of "battery powered purist hi-fi," is planning to offer their iMod modification for 5th generation iPods (they previousl...

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