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Dear Aunt TUAW: Where's the OnLive App?

Dear Aunt TUAW, More of a question rather than a tip, but with the App Store lockdown today, I presume OnLive's Player App will not be live in time for Christmas. I was thinking: Do you think Apple delayed approval of the app to maximize profits by sales over Christmas, including the signif...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me customize my ringtone

Dear Auntie, Just got my first iPhone, but the ringtones stink! How do I take my super awesome Star Trek MIDI file and use it as a ringtone? Hugs and snuggles, JayW. in MN...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: iPhone 3G and GPS

Dear Aunt TUAW, I've been a faithful reader for awhile and purchased a 3G iPhone a couple weeks ago. Everything is great - except for one thing which is extremely unusual (genius words), I wanted to share with you guys. When I am in my home (and only when I am in my home) my phone believes I am in S...

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