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MacBundleBox: 15 apps for 50 bucks

MacBundleBox is offering 15 Mac applications for $49.95: an 85 percent discount (compared to buying each app individually). The apps included are: Headline - A full-featured RSS/ATOM feed reader with an ultra-minimal UI. Mac Pilot 3 - A system optimization and customization utility. iConquer - A...

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Tabulator: Alarm clock showdown

Mac users must be extremely heavy sleepers, because there is no shortage of alarm clock software for your Mac. If you need to wake up, your Mac will get you up. But which one rules the rooster? Aurora, a popular choice, recently updated to version 4, and went from donationware to a licensing setup (...

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Keeping time with Aurora and PolarClock

Here's two more cool ways to figure out what time it is, because sometimes you just can't look out a window. First off, Aurora (which we've written about in the past) is an free and easy little alarm clock that will play almost any media you've got, including any playlist in iTunes or even channels ...

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Aurora 3

We have written about Aurora before, and now a new version of this freeware alarm clock app is available. It will still awake you with some sweet, sweet tunes from your iTunes library (you can even use a playlist, or smart playlist). It now supports a snooze function using the Apple Remote, which i...

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