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Twitter's API plans cause trouble for iOS devs, but they're sticking with it

Twitter has announced a series of upcoming changes to its API that could cause problems for developers who use it their apps. There are a number of technical and aesthetic updates, but the biggest change is that certain calls to the API will be rate-limited and governed by authentication tokens,...

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Nuance's Dragon ID voice login could leap from Android to iOS

As jailbreak aficionados are quick to point out, the stock version of iOS isn't the most customizable mobile platform out there. Certain hooks are simply unavailable to App Store applications, while users of Brand X phones can take advantage of third-party tools to enable face unlock (or, if they...

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Government / Military Mac users get PIV single sign-on from Thursby

Thursby Software is a longtime Mac development firm (since 1986) that has always had a mission: integrating Macs as full players in mixed-OS environments. While Mac OS X has gone a long way toward improving the situation of Mac users in predominantly Microsoft environments, there are still situation...

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