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Lion's Auto Save vs. Save As

Apple's OS X Lion introduced Auto Save, and eliminated the Save As feature from several apps as a result. Not everyone is happy about the switch, including Pierre at Betalogue: I have already talked about the totally unnecessary (in my view) elimination of the 'Save As...' command in Apple ap...

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Mac 101: Locating the root path of a Pages document in Pages

Here is a Mac 101 tip for novice Mac users. Running Pages in Mac OS X Lion means you never have to worry about saving a document, it just happens automatically. While this is wonderful, this new feature has caused me to scratch my head a few times while I acclimatise to this simple, but quite...

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Emulate Lion's Versions in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word does not support Lion's "Versions" feature yet, but there's no reason to panic. There are a few options that you can use to cobble together a work- around until the Mac BU team updates the Office suite. Also worth mentioning: although I am focusing on Microsoft Word, the same tec...

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OS X Lion Version control, the File menu, and me

I love Lion's idea of consumer-grade version control, which Apple calls Auto Save and Versions. I'm just not particularly happy with its GUI. That's because it relies on a new vocabulary of menu choices and on users understanding what's going on under the hood. Take the save options for example...

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OS X Lion: Auto Save and Versions to the rescue

Some of us have Command-S wired into our hands. Whenever we write a few words or enter a couple of cells into a spreadsheet, our hands twitch and we compulsively type a Command-S to save a document, just in case... A new feature of OS X Lion is Auto Save, which is going to stop a lot of Mac users...

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