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Automatic targets teen drivers with License+ service

Every time I get into my car and take a drive, short or long, a small dongle plugged into its onboard diagnostic port sends data - including location - to an app on my iPhone. I get a score on how efficient my driving is, and it's also simple to track all of my trips in a Google Spreadsheet throug...

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Automatic launches a Web Dashboard; Progressive teams up with Zubie

Automatic is a handy little device that plugs into your car's OBD (On Board Diagnostics) port, linking to your iPhone to give you an idea of how efficient your driving is. TUAW reviewed the US$99.95 Automatic earlier in 2014, and the device does an amazing job of providing you with data about your...

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Automatic brings the Internet of Things to your car

If there's one topic that absolutely fascinates me these days, it's the "Internet of Things" -- connected devices that talk to our smartphones and tablets that can provide us with information. Now that information can be as simple as telling us what the temperature is, whether a door is opened or ...

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OnLine Pro - automatic daily backup service for Mac OS X

Clunk Click, an online data backup service provider in the UK (with a somewhat awkward name), has opened up their OnLine Pro automatic backup service for Mac OS X users. Installing a small piece of software from the company allows users to specify which files are backed up to their secure data stora...

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iCalFix: automatically add reminders to iCal events

We've blogged iCalFix before, back when it was just a fledgling 0.1 release that didn't even have a GUI interface (you had to edit a pref file lying around in ~/Library). For those who don't remember: it's a simple iCal plugin that automatically adds a reminder to every event you create. In this la...

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Make iCal automatically email people at a specific time

I've been on a productivity kick ever since I found that kGTD plugin for OmniOutliner, and I thought this script/app would be a nice addition to the collection of anyone who works in a collaborative environment, especially for those who live and die by email or just can't seem to remember to do X at...

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Location X - automatically adjust settings on the go

If you're an iBook/PowerBook user who is constantly fiddling with various settings depending on where you are, point your mouse towards Location X for the solution to all your preference-changing woes. I only played with this for about 5 minutes before plunking down my $20 for it, as I am already i...

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