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Are iOS and a radar detector a good pair? A look at Cobra iRadar

I think so. I've been testing Cobra iRadar, a hardware radar detector that connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone for up to date warnings of police radar, and speed/red light camera detection. The system consist of a small radar receiver that attaches to your windshield, and a free app that pa...

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Gas Cubby now available in a free, sponsored version

App Cubby has been producing three wonderful iPhone apps for a while, two of which are associated with keeping tabs on the costs of operating your car. Both Trip Cubby [US$6.99, iTunes Link] and Gas Cubby [US$6.99, iTunes Link] have been lauded by users and bloggers alike for their functionality and...

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Driving along in my automobile, with an iPhone or iPod

Taking a holiday drive with the music blaring is a very American thing to do, but getting your iPod or iPhone to take part has often caused a world of confusion and crude jury-rigged solutions. Apple has reported that 90% of all current cars are iPod/iPhone enabled, but I have never met anyone who ...

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