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Apple CarPlay: What is it and why should you care?

If you have a car and an iPhone, chances are they already know each other. CarPlay builds on the iPod interfaces that are available on nearly every new model. It's not a direct mirror of your iPhone, but a tailored set of apps with a pared-down feature set. Plug in your phone, and CarPlay hig...

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Breakdown Buddy: How does it break down

Breakdown Buddy (US$0.99) is a useful app for organizing information needed in case of a car breakdown. The app works on all iOS devices running iOs 7.1 or later. There are two functions of the app; the ability to find your current location on a map and a section that holds details for a brea...

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Ford trying iPads for sales consultants at dealerships

Ford has launched an iPad app specifically for its dealers around the US to use. Fourteen different dealerships participated in a test program earlier this year, in which sales consultants (car salespeople) used iPads to access information about cars on sale, show presentations on various car f...

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Control a car's interior via a dashboard-mounted iPad from Visteon

Visteon doesn't have the first idea for integrating an iPad into an automobile in some way, but it has arguably the most ambitious one so far. At this year's CES, Visteon brought forth their iPad dash product which not only integrates into an auto's audio controls, but it has the ability to hand...

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Aol Autos app strips down car buying data for research, daydreams

Most people don't buy a car but once every few years (or more). But that doesn't mean that people don't like shopping for new cars. If you're one of those kind of people, then a new app from Aol Autos*, released today, could be your new favorite toy. Basically, the App is a stripped down version ...

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HOWTO: Connect your iPod to a video screen in older cars

Although many newer cars now ship with integrated iPod audio and, sometimes, video playback, retrofitting an older car can also be an easy and not-too-expensive option. Sure you can drive over to Car Toys and pay large sums of money to have a roof-mount video display system installed, or you can put...

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